Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend Update

Ryan-- Ryan is fine. After 3 days of being sick, Ryan is now back to Ryan. 7 year old, I-only-talk-in-silly-voices, bouncing-through-the-house-like-Tigger, aggravate-his-little-brother Ryan. I am about to become Rabbit and tell him to stop that infernal bouncing, but he is in such a good mood...

Eric--Never got sick. Wearing his Spiderman costume today. Over his pajamas. Never saw that one coming.

Mike--Never got sick. Continues to obsessively-compulsively clean his office while failing to notice the coffee grounds he spilled all over the kitchen floor this morning.

Alice--Sick in the head. Continues to pee on my bed and the boys blankets. Should be paid millions to advertise the Whirlpool Duet Washer and it's miraculous sanitizing feature, both for its cleaning properties as well as durability. I told Mike last night that I HAVE HAD IT. I'M DONE. WE MUST TAKE ACTION. Mike: what do you mean? Me: I'm so done dealing with her. Mike: what do you mean? Me: how do YOU feel about it? Mike: what do you mean? Me: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE FACT THAT SHE CONTINUES TO PEE ALL OVER OUR BED AND ON THE BOYS BLANKETS??!! WHAT DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD DO? Mike: I don't know. what do you mean? put her to sleep? let's try that home vet again. Me: you mean the one who would not come to our house?
And that is where the conversation continues to hang, in the air over the couch in the living room...

Me--Never got sick. Am preparing for tomorrow's garage sale at Cori's house. Mason is still in the hospital and I have tried several times to explain to Cori that this garage sale is NOT something she needs to worry about. We can reschedule. It's really ok. Cori is a very very scheduled person. The garage sale is on her calendar, so we're doing the garage sale.

That means today I'm bringing the kids to her house, to play with Lauren, while Cori's husband Mark and I finish preparing for the garage sale. And tomorrow Mark and I will be doing this garage sale together. Which just makes both of us laugh. So he and I will drink coffee all morning, then switch to beer when the sun goes over the yardarm.

The Knitting--I seem to have a severe case of knitting ADD combined with some bad ju-ju. And to top it off, Mike has put me on yarn-buying restriction. He actually wants me to knit from my various stashes rather than buying new yarn. I can't talk to him when he's being this unreasonable.

After finishing the Minnie Mouse booties, I moved on to a pair of T-strap booties with a heart on the front. I pulled out an old skein of yarn, which was apparently not the right weight, and made a bootie to fit me. So I need to take it apart and use smaller needles, but I'm too annoyed right now. I then moved on to the ducky flipper slippers. Going along great until I came to the realization that I'm about to run out of yarn. I then decided to pick up Peter's birthday gift. I got through the mistake I made and was feeling pretty smug about my progress until I made another mistake. Involving rulers and counting and numbers and knowing your left from right and all that trivial stuff. I am also making a felted pumpkin which is not nearly as fun as I thought it would be, still working on that completely delightful birthday cake, Cinderella continues to lie in dismembered parts in a basket, and I have more hats for Venue to make. A good trip to the yarn store often sets me right again, so really I blame Mike for all of this.

I just went to the kitchen for more coffee and found Eric's underwear on the kitchen floor. It appears I need to divert my attention away from my computer and on to the carbon based life-forms in the house.

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