Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Husband the Biker

I finally finished Gordon's hat. I finished knitting it several weeks ago, but I still had to weave the ends in. A thankless, tedious task for any knitting project. I'm not sure what finally prompted me to do it, but something inside of me said that today is the day to finish Gordon's hat once and for all.

Gordon wants a hat for bike riding. Not biking, as in riding a Harley, but CYCLING, as in something else I never want to do. Gordon rides 365. Gordon rides to work. 20 miles up hill in the snow both ways. Gordon rides in these insane races and rides his bike, excuse me, cycle, up places like Mt. Rainier. So he asked me to knit him a hat. Of washable merino wool. And here it is! Viola!
This is not Gordon. This is the love of my life and reason for living. And the person I'm legally bound to for better or for worse, in laundry and in crumbs on the floor. In this picture Mike does not look much like a cyclist. He's more like the biker. Eyepatch not included.

1 comment:

Gordon said...

Hey, great cap! MY husband the biker--excuse me, CYCLIST, confirms that it's exactly what he's always dreamed of. It even fits his super-size head! Great job!


PS Point of clarification: it's 25 miles to work, and he really does do his best to make it uphill as much of the time as possible. I don't understand it either.

PPS August is the perfect time for a new wool cap! "You gotta love wool, it's just so comfy!" he says. He's been wearing it since he got home, so it's already nice and sweaty. Thank heavens it's washable!

PPPS It's really cute on me, too.