Monday, August 20, 2007

I think I may be forced to be happy

Front and Center!
This is just a sampling
of my hats in the front
window. They have a
whole display of me inside!

This is actually starting out as a good week for me. Shocking, I know. First of all, it is raining, and has been raining for two days. I do love a rainy 65 degree day!

Second, I went to Venue yesterday (in the rain!) and look what I found! I am on display in the front window. I stopped in to give the owner a stack of my brand new business cards and hang my brand new tags from my hats. Leah created the design for my cards and they are absolutely adorable. The owner of Venue just raved about them and said the tags were just the finishing touch I needed. Leah, did you hear that?!? All the way over there in China? She LOVED them!

I also took inventory and got to listen to Diane the owner gush over my hats and tell me how much her customers love them. I sold another 4 in the last week and the news threw me into a little frenzy of what shall I knit next and how quickly can I get some new hats to her?! So I celebrated by stopping into the bookstore across the street and buying a new book, Becoming Jane Austin (I had a very girly weekend. Not only did I get to go shopping with Shirley for scrapbook supplies, but I also saw Becoming Jane with my sisters. Given the fact that I just bought the book, you can see how much I loved the movie).

Cards by Leah
How adorable are these?!
We may even be able
to trick people into
believing I'm a pro!

Third, I am bringing my kids to my mom this afternoon for a 3 day stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Mike has a conference at a resort in central Oregon and I'm tagging along for the ride. Mike and I have not had more than 30 minutes alone in about 2 years. This evening we can fix whatever we want for dinner. Or not. We will get to eat a whine-free meal at home. Our first in about 7 years. And then tomorrow morning we will drive to Oregon for Mike's conference of investment specialists and other people who do things with money. Should be a rip-roarin' time! They can spend 3 days talking about the virtues of paperclips for all I care--I am bringing a stack of books, a pile of knitting, and I've ordered Mike to make an appointment for me at the spa. He can knock himself out mingling with other people-who-wear-ties-to-work and I will meet up with him again on Thursday afternoon.

I have been researching yarn shops in both Portland and The Dalles and hope to make a stop or two along the way.

I'm sure I will find something to spoil my good time before the week is out. I'm pretty good at it. I've had a lot of practice and I'm sure I can figure out a way to rain on my own parade pretty quickly here. Wish me luck!


Windyridge said...

Good luck!

Leah said...

Yay you with the big window spot! I'm so glad you like the tags and business cards.