Monday, August 6, 2007

Take us out to the Ballgame!

Take us out to the Ballgame!
Our Uncle Marcus sang today
It brought tears to our eyes
We love to watch the M's play
Please bring us some Rally Fries!

Yesterday our family went to the Mariners game. We had all been looking forward to this day for several weeks! The boys have been hounding us to take them to a game and our brother-in-law, Marcus (Mike's sister's husband) was to sing the National Anthem as well as God Bless America. (Click on his link--you can hear him sing. It's really amazing).

The boys really wanted to make a sign. Mike Blowers, former Mariner and the tv color commentator for the games always sends a basket of fries to the person in the stands with the best sign.

Marcus is an opera singer. Now, I know nothing about the opera. Seriously, I know as much about the opera as I do molecular biology. Or Nascar. But I do know that any reputable opera company is going to have some standards. I mean, they don't accept just any yahoo who can carry a tune. And Marcus proved yesterday that he is no average yahoo. Holy cow can he sing! All he needed was a set of Viking horns on his head.

My 3 Boys
Eating a hotdog at the ballgame--
life doesn't get much better than that!
The idea of a ballgame is more fun than the actual ball game, if you are Eric. Eric completely lost his ability to sit still before the end of the 1st inning. I think the woman in front of him was kicked in the head about 6 times. I lost track of the number of times he kicked the back of her chair.
We left our seats during the 6th inning when no one could take Eric's wiggling any more. We walked around the stadium for a bit, then popped down to the 100 level to watch Marcus sing God Bless America.

That's me, holding Eric.
We're next to Marcus and Mike's sister,
That's me, holding Eric. We're next to Marcus and Mike's sister, Tiffany. Other than getting to hear Marcus sing, (twice!), the most exciting part of the game was seeing the Blue Angels buzz the stadium several times. The crowd cheered louder for the Blue Angels than they did for anything the Mariners did that day. Of course the 30,000 Red Sox fans there that day were quite exuberant, as the Sox beat the pant off of us, 9-2. We then trudged back up to the van and had to listen to the boys whine and cry the entire ride home because we didn't buy them anything at the team store.

This has been my first experience with "floating" pictures. Up until now, I would just plop a picture into my blog, write text around it, and then swear a lot when I lost all of my paragraph breaks. I knew they didn't look great, but, well, what was I suppose to do?

Leah The Maven to the rescue! The boys and I spent the day at Leah's last week and while Ryan and Eric played with Henry and Peter, Leah showed me all kinds of HTML-this-is-how-a-real-blogger-includes-pictures tricks. It's only taken me a hour and a half to complete this post and I've missed dinner, butI actually did it, HTML code and all! You have my permission to be impressed.

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