Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where is Captain Underpants When We Need Him?

It actually happened. Ryan officially ran out of underwear. After school the boys played in the sprinkler, then came back in to change. No clean underwear. He is currently going commando under his shorts while my new Whirlpool Duet washer is busily sanitizing a load of little boy underwear, socks, and towels.

The laundry has been really piling up lately (duh!). I got this flu bug thingy last week and it seems to affect me every other day. Sick one day, better the next so I try to eat, then bleahhh the next and so on. It's been a week of this and I'm rather tired of it (although a successful, if not unexpected weight loss program!). So between that and Alice peeing on my bed every day (and in Eric's room. On his Spiderman costume...) and being gone half of last weekend, the laundry truly got away from me. It is in huge piles everywhere. Everywhere. The little boy I watch on Tuesday and and Thursday mornings showed up today and said "wow--your mom made a big mess!". That's called Laundry Day, Jacob.

There is so much laundry that I'm actually surprised to see things that have been MIA for a while. That is the kind of laundry experience you're suppose to have in college, not as a stay-at-home mother of 2 who routinely does laundry twice a week. How many sessions in therapy do you think it would take for Ryan to recover if I offered to let him borrow a pair of my underwear?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, first and foremost, the Langley Antique Show! I actually made it to my parent's house by 6:45, which was amazing for a holiday weekend, considering that I left my house at 5:00. My parents were still at the Langley fairgrounds setting up, so I met them there, and realized very quickly that this event was on a much bigger scale than I had anticipated. They had about 30 vendors and it was located in a rather large hall. And although my parents were actually in pretty good moods about this event, considering the fact that they were coordinating the whole thing, I discovered very quickly the object of my mother's "issue du jour". A very heated arguement had broken out between a couple of vendors over the placement of their booths. I heard many variations of this story that evening--all from my mother.

I set my things up around my mom's booth, we went to dinner, them home to bed to get ready for the big day.

The next morning, after getting coffee from the Useless Bay Coffee Co, we arrived at the show. Now, I was raised by two people who get the biggest charge out of a garage sale. When I was growing up we had a garage sale every year. But not one of those little set-up-a-card-table-in-the-driveway-with-a-few-chipped-dishes kind of sale. They invited friends and neighbors and put on the biggest sales you've ever seen. Every year. And now that they're on a farm, they have a barn sale every year and invite all of their "antiquey" friends to set up "booths" on their property. So while your average garage sale make bring in $75 to $100, my folks will rake in $3000.

Needless to say, the Langley Antique Show at the Island County Fair Grounds is big doin's for them. And the sad thing--after doing the barn sales with them for the last six years, I actually knew a lot of people at the Antique Show. And they knew me. And the people who didn't know me instantly warmed to me when they realized that I was Ray and Jackie's daughter. My parents have formed this whole new small town life for themselves and it is so interesting to watch it unfold!

And how did I do? I sold 5 hats, 2 stuffed cupcakes, and 6 felted pears! I made $120, received a ton of compliments, and passed out cards to several interested potential customers. So, while I made a small fraction of what my folks took in, I'm actually quite pleased with how I did and plan to make more cupcakes and felted pears for my mom to sell in her shop.

In other news: Alice. I want to wring her 15 year old furry little passive-aggressive neurotic neck. She is on a peeing frenzy these days. Including Saturday night when I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to realize she had peed on the bed while we were in it. Nothing like changing your sheets at 2:00 in the morning. She went for a few weeks without any problems, and now it's almost a daily occurance. But seriously, we don't know what to do. It's all behavioral. Should we take away her tv? Set up a little kitty sticker chart?

Robin Hood. Season 1 has come to a close and I'm actually quite sad about it. Ryan and I have had a great time watching it together and I'm in a little bit of mourning over the fact that it's done (but delighted to know that there will be a season 2!). Ryan and I were watching it a couple of weeks ago and Marian had become injured. One of Robin's "merry men" needed to find clean instruments to treat her. After several minutes Ryan looked at me and asked "how will the instruments help her?" and I realized that he had been wondering how a trumpet was going to heal her stab wound. It was all we could do not to even smile as we explained what surgical instruments are.

And up next? I have a list, a list!, of knitting projects! Gordon's hat, a snowman baby hat for Ryan's pregnant teacher, Cinderella #2, a java sleeve for Leah, more cupcakes and pears, and I'm in negotiations with a shop owner in Lancaster, PA for some babyhats. There will be little Amish babies wearing cupcakes on their heads!

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Quintessential 1st Grader

Does this face not just scream "I'm in the 1st grade?!"

Ryan yanked the other front tooth out this morning. Emily, the neighbor girl and Ryan's partner in crime lost her 2nd front tooth the other day and that was unacceptable to Ryan. Ryan is 3 weeks older than Emily so his teeth should be falling out first. I honestly think that tooth could have stayed in there another week or so, but Ryan twisted and pulled and pushed until it finally came out this morning--blood and all. There is no sign of his permanent teeth yet, which makes me happy. I want to look at this jack-o-lantern grin as long as I can.

This is how so many of Ryan and Emily's interactions begin. One hears the other in the back yard and they just can't resist. Ryan and Eric have a chair permanently placed along the fence and Emily brings a stepstool to her side. They giggle and chat until they convince the parents to let one of them hop the fence. We have a great relationship with the whole family and we feel so blessed to have them next door.

It just tickles me to no end that this is the kind of relationship Emily and Ryan have. These are the kinds of pictures I want to show them when they graduate from High School. I wish I had a crystal ball to see what the future holds for them. But at the same time, it is so much fun to see it all unfold. I wonder what Emily will think of me as her mother-in-law?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knitting for Dollars

This weekend I am going to be with my parents as they host their annual antique show in Langley (which is on Whidbey Island. Where I did not grow up. We were raised in a completely adorable Cape Cod house in North Seattle that was nearly paid off when those crazy people who raised me up and sold it and purchased a 100 year old farm house on 6 acres on Whidbey Island. It now takes anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours to get to their house, depending on the ferry line. And they are having to completely remodel, which I hear about all too often. But I digress....). My mom owns a little antique shop on their property which she run on the weekends in the non-winter months. They have become quite involved in the Island community and host barn sales and antique sales and the like, where my parents and all of their "antiquey" friends sell things to each other. A few people from the general public pop in as well.

So I am going up to help out at the sale and try to peddle the wares from my Etsy store. My mom is convinced that my felted pears will be a big hit and I'm hoping the cupcakes will also attract attention. I'm also bringing Cinderella as well as a ton of my baby hats. And while my things are clearly not antiques, there will be a lot of grandmas there! I can see this being a huge success. And I can see it being such a big flop that I don't even make enough to pay for my ferry ticket. But I guess that is part of being in business for yourself--you've got to get out there and sell sell sell!

And I also get to spend some time with mom and dad. My mom is always trying to get me to drink flavored coffee (this is Seattle--flavored coffee should be illegal here) and she will obsess over something, we don't know what yet, that I will hear about 4398098 times. And my dad will be doing his best to avoid said obsession while working the room. Honestly, I am looking forward to it, but I know I will be exhausted by the time I get home on Saturday night. Stay tuned!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Little Man Ryan

Like most moms, I have very little tolerance for sassy talk. While I do understand that it is part of the growing up process, I have a firm expectation that my children will at least be respectful when expressing their displeasure. With one notable exception:

Any time I walk into my 7 year old's room unannouced and find him sitting on the floor, with the front of his underwear stretched out and he is looking intently at the contents inside while singing a little song, he can say whatever he darn well pleases when he unexpectedly discovers my presence.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am writing again on a Sunday morning, when I should be leaving for church. Today is Ryan's turn for a morning off, so I am staying home with him while Mike takes a screaming Eric to Sunday School, then we'll switch at 10:30 in the parking lot so I can teach Sunday School and Mike can take Ryan to activity number 39943 of the weekend.

If you were watching this on tv, this would be the part where the screen gets all wiggly and the characters think back in time....

Friday was Ryan's 7th birthday. We began when he woke us up at 5:45 am to open his presents. He was, of course, delighted to receive his GameBoy Advance along with Super Mario World and Lego Star Wars. We also gave him Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship--a fateful mistake.

I then took Ryan to school with his birthday cupcakes and Eric and I went back home to have a typical Friday. Ryan was full of the birthday spirit and, without any prompting from me, told Eric he could play the new GameBoy while he was at school. Picked Ryan up from the bus and, at Ryan's request, we went to opening night (or rather afternoon) of Shrek the Third. Ryan has known for a few months now that Shrek the Third was opening on May 18th, his birthday. You would think Dreamworks planned this specifically for Ryan's birthday, the way he has been carrying on about it! Seeing Shrek the Third on May 18th was non-negotiable. At the movies Ryan wanted Sprite and buttered popcorn. Mike purchased a rather large bucket for the whole family to share. Another fateful move....And after the movie, again at Ryan's request, we went to McDonalds for dinner.

By the time we got home it was 7:30 and Ryan was exhausted. Eric wasn't much better. But Ryan really wanted to play his new Battleship game. Thinking this was just regular old Battleship with Jack Sparrow on the cover, I decided that one game wouldn't hurt. This thing had all kinds of fancy instructions, pieces to put together, cards to tear apart... and then I'm trying to read the special Pirates of the Caribbean rules to an extrememly tired and overwhelmed birthday boy. When his crying turned to hysterics I calmly explained that we just need to go to bed and, well, to make a long story short, Mike and I each had a screaming kid in their respective bedrooms and it took us about 45 minutes to calm them down.

The next morning, the day of the Harry Potter party, Ryan wakes up with a terrible stomach ache. What a surprise. And I'm in a panic because I don't know if he's sick or if this is just from all of the crap he ate the day before. My house is a disaster and I'm trying to clean, put up streamers, and deal with a moaning Ryan, while silently patting myself on the back for having the forsight to plan a 1:00 party rather than my usual 10:00. Around 9:30 Ryan actually throws up. And is instantly better. Feels great, able to leap tall buidings in a single bound, when is the party going to start! One thing you should know about me--I have a mortal fear of vomiting. When ever I am around anyone who throws up, has just thrown up, or is about to throw up, I instantly feel sick. It becomes all about me. Regardless of how ill my kids feel, all I can think about is now I'm going to get sick. So while the practical side of me knows that Ryan threw up because he ate an entire tub of movie popcorn and he is emotionally overwhelmed by all of the birthday attention, I can't help freaking out because he might have the stomach flu. And Mike is no help because he never freaks out about anything. So I called a few parents, who all laughed and assured me that yes, it was definitely the popcorn, and it was Game On.

I will say, for all of my worrying and complaining about this party, it was a great party. The kids all had a blast. We made robes out of large black t-shirts and the kids all made their own crests. They got Harry Potter wands, glasses, and scar tatoos. And they all wore them!! They looked absolutely adorable:

Mike was Mad-Eye Moody and taught a "potions class",which was a huge hit:

and then the kids played Quiddich.

Everyone had such a great time and I had my best friend, Leah, there to cheer me on and assure me that it truly was a fun party (now, if Leah could just show me how to deal with these pictures that always seem to take on a life of their own whenever I put them in my blog...)
After the party we let Ryan veg out and watch one of his new DVDs.

Today he has another birthday party and then I promised him a trip to Target so he can spend some of his birthday money. So this morning when he couldn't eat his breakfast and was lying on the couch under a blanket, I decided he should stay home from church and take a break. He's not sick, but since he is like his dear mother in every way, I understand that mentally, he's had it. His little 7 year old brain is overloaded and his emotional capacity has been stretched beyond it's limits. For introverts like Ryan and me, social gatherings and special occasions are exhausting and we can only take so much before we crack under the pressure. In 38 years I have not figured out how to balance this, but when I see it in Ryan I need to help him take a break. So that is what he's doing this morning.

And how much knitting have I done this weekend? Not much! Pretty darn unsatisfying. And I don't think today will be much better. But I am looking forward to shopping with Ryan and spending some one-on-one time with him. And I do love a good trip to Target!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Force Is Not With Me

I have finished Henry's R2D2 hat. Another accomplishment of which I am not proud. It started out fine and I followed all of the directions, but when I finished I realized I was going to have a problem. I have never mastered the art of multiple-color knitting. I don't know how to knit with two hands (I'm a thrower), and so I've never been able to get the tension right. Every so often I will work on a project that involves color stranding and it turns out fine. This is not one of those projects. The band of gray, blue, and black just above the ribbing was way too tight and had no give at all. There was no way Henry was going to be able to put it on his head. I took a big chance and tried an experiment. I cut the strands on the wrong side in two different areas, then knotted the ends together so they would not unravel. The underside now looks like "my first knitting project" and it actually did unravel in a couple of spots. The hat now has the proper amount of give, but you can totally tell where I cut the strands.

Here is a picture of my almost 7-year-old-with-the-emotions-of-a-13-year-old-girl, Ryan, wearing this thing of beauty. Leah, I'm sorry. I tried. I really did. If this does not cut the mustard with Henry, I will try it again! I pride myself in being a half way decent knitter and I've even managed to sell a few things on my Etsy site, but the Leah and her family seem to be the recipients of my duds lately. Leah, perhaps Henry would like a nice cupcake hat. That I think I could manage!

Speaking of my almost 7-year-old, Ryan's birthday is tomorrow. He is absolutely beside himself with excitement, which often masks itself in grumpy,sassy, disrespectful, scowling, stomping behavior. So it's been a fun week. The GameBoy Advance has been purchased, along with SuperMario World and Lego StarWars. A gift from Mike's sister arrived by UPS this afternoon and Eric had a complete breakdown when I would not allow him to "help" Ryan open it. I reminded Eric that his special day was just a few months ago, but he seems to have no recollection of that. I can only imagine how distraught Eric is going to be when Ryan gets a big pile of gifts at his party, including the beloved GameBoy Advance. I should be looking forward to this event, but it's really hard to be excited about a party that is going to bring nothing but grief to the 4-year-old brother.

I feel slightly more prepared for the party than I did a few days ago, now that I've spent my life savings on it. We'll see how it goes. A lot is hinging on my magic potions. If the kids don't like then, I may have to whip up a little "magic potion" for myself to make it through the rest of the day!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Aaahhh, Alone at Last...

Today is Mother's Day and I am beginning my celebration by skipping church and staying home alone. This was not a planned event--I had every intention of going to church with my family, but when Eric showed up in our bed at 2:00 a.m. (again), this time with a football helmet, my sleep suddenly became disrupted. So when 7:30 rolled around and I realized that I was quite late, I made an executive decision to send the rest of them to church while I took the morning off.

This is a rare event, to be completely alone in the house. Whenever this happens, I often don't know what to do. Sometimes Mike will take the kids out so I can get something specific done, but on the rare occasions when I suddenly find myself alone, I don't quite know where to begin. And since it is Mother's Day, I refuse to spend my precious Alone-Time cleaning up after last night's dinner party, especially since I spent much of yesterday preparing for said dinner party.

We have been involved in our dinner group for about 9 years and the other 3 couples are some of our dearest friends. We rotate houses and generally potluck it, but for me hosting dinner group tends to be a stressful event. Perhaps the fact that it's one of those rare times when I CLEAN my house adds to the stress. I do clean regularly--don't be too scared of my house. I do clean. But when I'm about to host a dinner party I feel compelled to dust my baseboards, give the dining room a good once-over, sort through the mail on the kitchen counter, that kind of thing. And this is on top of the standard cleaning such as the bathrooms, putting laundry away... and I had a dinner to cook. Since cooking is not my favorite thing, that adds to the stress.
Don't get me wrong--I love hosting my dinner group and finding fun recipes to share. I'm actually a decent cook and I enjoy preparing a meal that I know my friends will love. But hosting any kind of a party (i.e. a Harry Potter birthday party...) stresses me out, so by 4:00 I was exhausted from my day.

We did have a lovely time. Leah, Michelle, Heidi, and I took a garden tour while Dave, Andy, Gordon, and Mike (along with Ryan and Eric) sat in the kitchen talking about who knows what. Mike and I put the boys to bed and we all sat down to chicken lettuce wraps, jasmine rice, and a pan pacific shrimp pasta salad. And for dessert we had ice cream sundaes, which were even a bigger hit than I anticipated! The girls all admired Cinderella and Gordon and I talked at length about about the perfect cylcing hat that I am going to knit him (much to everyone's amusement!)

And so now I am tired and lazy and just counting the hours until I go for my Mother's Day pedicure. I'll probably come home and watch some tv with the boys while snuggling with them on the couch. And I vow not to say a word about the current state of my house so that we can all have a Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hogwart's School of Lame Parties

Ryan's 7th birthday is one week from today. At his request we are having a Harry Potter party. At home--also his request. I am completely stressed out by this party. This is not something of which I am proud, but I hate the home birthday parties. I really do. It's only 2 hours of my life, but I dread every minute of it. I am doing the party for him. As an expression of my undying love for him, because I get no personal fulfillment from planning a small child's party. My friend Meghan loves to plan parties and I have enlisted her for ideas. I now have a long list of activities and am more stressed than ever. And if it rains next Saturday I think I will have to just sit in the corner and cry. Or drink.

So, I have purchased wands and glasses for all of the kids. And (per Meghan's idea) I bought a bunch of cheap black t-shirts in a mens size large. I am going to cut them up the middle to make robes for the kids. Now they'll all look adorable, but what am I going to do with them for 2 hours? I have less than one week to plan some kind of Quiddich game, figure out how to make drinkable potions, and keep ten 7-year olds from ruining my carpet.

One mom has already told me that she will not allow her son to attend the party because of the Harry Potter theme. So that felt good, knowing that I'm planning a satanic party for small children and all. This is a mom who I like and respect, but I didn't realize she was one of those I-Don't-Like-Harry Potter-Even-Though-I-Haven't-Read-It-And-Don't-Fully-Understand-It kind of moms. I was raised in a home where we didn't "do" witches of any kind and I secretly harbor a teeny bit of guilt for loving Harry Potter, but seriously, JK Rowling is not teaching our children how to turn all of their friends into toads. The good is good and the bad is bad. CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein did the exact same thing and I don't see churches picketing against them...so that is a bit of added stress to an already anxiety fill event.

Mike and I completely caved and have decided to get Ryan a Gameboy Advance for his birthday. He wants it so badly. He pretty much knows that is what we are giving him and he has already prepared for the event by bequeathing his old duct-taped Gameboy color to Eric. Ryan can't stop talking about it. It is going to be a long six days.

On the knitting front: I have posted Cinderella on Etsy and the response has been quite underwhelming so far. I've started Henry's R2D2 hat and I've begun those horrid neopolitan socks again. I'm in between fun projects, which is not a place I like to be.

I truly did put off cleaning my bathrooms this week and boy can you tell! I finally cleaned 2 of them this morning. Unfortunately, they were the 2 that had been most recently cleaned. I have got to clean those upstairs bathrooms! Maybe I can get Ryan to use his Harry Potter wand to zap them clean for me.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Cinderella is complete! It was actually fun to make and now that I've done one and understand all of the directions, I believe I'll be making another! Much to Mike's horror, I've listed Cinderella in my Etsy store. It's not about the money; I really want to see if someone will buy it. I don't know why. But you have to admit--she's pretty darn cute!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

I have several updates to share:

1. The Mighty Tite. Mike made two different trips to the hardware store, spent another good hour on that evil device from the devil, and this is how it finally ended up:

A brand new Mighty Tite has been ordered and is enroute to Cori. So now I'm out $22 and the seatbelt, while it is now available for use, became twisted in this whole horrible ordeal. The van is due for a tune up, so Dodge can deal with it.

2. The neopolitan socks. I finished the first one and tried it on. Too small. Not just too short--too small all around. Sigh........let's try the size 3 needles now, shall we? I have to do it again. I spent $46 on these socks and I'm going to keep working at it, even if it means I end up being buried in them. Now, for any of you knitters reading this, I know what you're thinking--gauge?! Hello? No, I didn't check my gauge. I've knit a couple dozen pairs of socks and this has never been a problem. Of course I've always used sock weight yarn in the past, but I did not take the time to check my gauge. For several reasons. A: I'm lazy. B: I hate to waste yarn on a swatch. C: It involves math. I don't do math. The part of the brain that does math is missing in me. I know I know--I could actually do the math. But I don't want to. And I could have Mike do the math, but that involves him helping me with something with which I am already very frustrated. And nobody wants to get involved in that.

3. The housework. I've spend several days doing it, and now I've spent a few days not doing it. I'm really not seeing the difference. Although there are a few areas that do need my attention: I need to vacuum the boys' bathroom since Ryan pulled the towel rack off the wall and there is drywall dust on the floor. I won't even go into what a low priority it is for us to put the towel rack back up, after patching the hole and painting... I need to mop the kitchen floor because someone spilled juice all over it. Mike thinks it's fine because we wiped it up, but I'm tired of my socks sticking to the floor. And there is clean laundry all over the couch that must be put away because I have a full evening of sitting on the couch and watching tv until I fall asleep planned for tonight. The basket of bathroom cleaners is still in bathroom #2, from when I cleaned it on Monday, and I never got around to cleaning #3 and #4. We have a dinner party in a week. How bad would it be if I just waited until then?

4. The garden: I went to one of my favorite nurseries this week and bought some plants. I bought annuals for my pot near the front door, and spent the bulk of my plant budget on more perennials for my ever evolving garden beds. And today I went to a neighborhood plant sale (it was kind of like a garage sale, for plants) and got 5 plans for $7, so I'm feeling very smug about that.
5. The Playstation. It is unfortunately working now. We have introduced a device into our home that is a new source of consternation and angst. And it has also been added to our list of consequences for inappropriate behavior. For example-- Me: "you will lose your Playstation for tomorrow if you speak to me disrespectfully one more time". Ryan: "[screaming disrespectful things]". Me: "I'm sorry but you have now lost your Playstation for tomorrow". Ryan: "[more screaming]". See how well this is working out?

6. Cinderella. Still waiting for her arms.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Can of Worms

Ryan is nearly 7 years old and would sell his little brother for a chance at owning a video game system. XBox, Playstation, Gamecube, Wii....he's not picky. All of his friends have some kind of gaming system and it pains him to know that he is the only one not to have one. I mean, some kids have two of them! The boys have a old hand-me-down Gameboy Color, with the batteries duct-taped in and a few used games, courtesy of my nephew Ben. But you can't use any of the cool new games for Gameboy Advance. Clearly we are the worst parents ever. Mike and I are considering the possibility of getting him a Gameboy Advance for his birthday, but we cannot imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a gaming system and then $50 for each game. I'm sure Ryan is documenting all of this for his future therapist.

Over the weekend our family attended our church mission auction for our Jamaica Mission Team. There was an old Playstation 1 on one of the silent aution tables and my sneaky husband won it for $30. Without telling me. The boys went nuts. Ecstatic. Over the moon crazy. Eric went to bed in tears because we wouldn't let him sleep with the game console. The next day Mike took the boys to Game Stop to purchase some used Playstation 1 games. Turns out Playstation 1 is a little too outdated for Game Stop. Ryan moaned the rest of the weekend. How will we find games? Did Daddy call ALL of the stores? In the whole city? What are we going to do? Yesterday Mike did find a shop that carried some Playstation 1 games and bought 5 of them for $10. And I bet you can see this coming....drum roll please.....it didn't work. Each disk stalled and skipped and the screen froze with each game. We explained to Ryan that Daddy will need to work with it and try to clean the Playstation 1. And of course Ryan received this information very calmly and understood the problem completely. NOT. Oh my word--you would think we were trying to sell him to the gypsies by the way he responded. I am so looking forward to adding video games to the chaos of our house. Stay tuned...

After spending the evening researching FAQ's on the Playstation 1, Mike is going to Home Depot today to purchase some lighter fluid to clean our new game system. And while he is there he is going to look for something, anything, that will help him dismantle the Mighty Tite.

Speaking of, I showed my handiwork to Cori this weekend. Her response: "did you try a hacksaw"?

On a much happier note, my progress on Cinderella is coming along nicely. She just needs arms, hair, and her accessories. I've had a few mishaps along the way (many of which could have been avoided by reading all of the words in the instruction book) but I'm quite pleased so far:

In other knitting news, I'm still working on the neopolitan socks, I actually sold a hat on Etsy to a real customer that I don't know, and I need to start on Henry's R2D2 hat. My dear friend Leah sent me a link to a knit Princess Leia hat a few months ago. As a joke I knit it for her birthday. It's truly hideous and hilarious at the same time. One of the buns is larger than the other, which makes it worse. Clearly not my best work! I also made a Yoda hat for little Peter, but the R2D2 hat just didn't happen. I think poor 6 year old Henry feels left out (although I have seen him sporting the Leia wig) so I need to get on that. And of course I didn't take pictures before giving them away, but I'll try to remedy that.

Eric is taking a nap, so it's time to knit some arms!