Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knitting for Dollars

This weekend I am going to be with my parents as they host their annual antique show in Langley (which is on Whidbey Island. Where I did not grow up. We were raised in a completely adorable Cape Cod house in North Seattle that was nearly paid off when those crazy people who raised me up and sold it and purchased a 100 year old farm house on 6 acres on Whidbey Island. It now takes anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours to get to their house, depending on the ferry line. And they are having to completely remodel, which I hear about all too often. But I digress....). My mom owns a little antique shop on their property which she run on the weekends in the non-winter months. They have become quite involved in the Island community and host barn sales and antique sales and the like, where my parents and all of their "antiquey" friends sell things to each other. A few people from the general public pop in as well.

So I am going up to help out at the sale and try to peddle the wares from my Etsy store. My mom is convinced that my felted pears will be a big hit and I'm hoping the cupcakes will also attract attention. I'm also bringing Cinderella as well as a ton of my baby hats. And while my things are clearly not antiques, there will be a lot of grandmas there! I can see this being a huge success. And I can see it being such a big flop that I don't even make enough to pay for my ferry ticket. But I guess that is part of being in business for yourself--you've got to get out there and sell sell sell!

And I also get to spend some time with mom and dad. My mom is always trying to get me to drink flavored coffee (this is Seattle--flavored coffee should be illegal here) and she will obsess over something, we don't know what yet, that I will hear about 4398098 times. And my dad will be doing his best to avoid said obsession while working the room. Honestly, I am looking forward to it, but I know I will be exhausted by the time I get home on Saturday night. Stay tuned!

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