Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Can of Worms

Ryan is nearly 7 years old and would sell his little brother for a chance at owning a video game system. XBox, Playstation, Gamecube, Wii....he's not picky. All of his friends have some kind of gaming system and it pains him to know that he is the only one not to have one. I mean, some kids have two of them! The boys have a old hand-me-down Gameboy Color, with the batteries duct-taped in and a few used games, courtesy of my nephew Ben. But you can't use any of the cool new games for Gameboy Advance. Clearly we are the worst parents ever. Mike and I are considering the possibility of getting him a Gameboy Advance for his birthday, but we cannot imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a gaming system and then $50 for each game. I'm sure Ryan is documenting all of this for his future therapist.

Over the weekend our family attended our church mission auction for our Jamaica Mission Team. There was an old Playstation 1 on one of the silent aution tables and my sneaky husband won it for $30. Without telling me. The boys went nuts. Ecstatic. Over the moon crazy. Eric went to bed in tears because we wouldn't let him sleep with the game console. The next day Mike took the boys to Game Stop to purchase some used Playstation 1 games. Turns out Playstation 1 is a little too outdated for Game Stop. Ryan moaned the rest of the weekend. How will we find games? Did Daddy call ALL of the stores? In the whole city? What are we going to do? Yesterday Mike did find a shop that carried some Playstation 1 games and bought 5 of them for $10. And I bet you can see this coming....drum roll please.....it didn't work. Each disk stalled and skipped and the screen froze with each game. We explained to Ryan that Daddy will need to work with it and try to clean the Playstation 1. And of course Ryan received this information very calmly and understood the problem completely. NOT. Oh my word--you would think we were trying to sell him to the gypsies by the way he responded. I am so looking forward to adding video games to the chaos of our house. Stay tuned...

After spending the evening researching FAQ's on the Playstation 1, Mike is going to Home Depot today to purchase some lighter fluid to clean our new game system. And while he is there he is going to look for something, anything, that will help him dismantle the Mighty Tite.

Speaking of, I showed my handiwork to Cori this weekend. Her response: "did you try a hacksaw"?

On a much happier note, my progress on Cinderella is coming along nicely. She just needs arms, hair, and her accessories. I've had a few mishaps along the way (many of which could have been avoided by reading all of the words in the instruction book) but I'm quite pleased so far:

In other knitting news, I'm still working on the neopolitan socks, I actually sold a hat on Etsy to a real customer that I don't know, and I need to start on Henry's R2D2 hat. My dear friend Leah sent me a link to a knit Princess Leia hat a few months ago. As a joke I knit it for her birthday. It's truly hideous and hilarious at the same time. One of the buns is larger than the other, which makes it worse. Clearly not my best work! I also made a Yoda hat for little Peter, but the R2D2 hat just didn't happen. I think poor 6 year old Henry feels left out (although I have seen him sporting the Leia wig) so I need to get on that. And of course I didn't take pictures before giving them away, but I'll try to remedy that.

Eric is taking a nap, so it's time to knit some arms!


Leah said...

Cinderella is TOO cute! Too bad none of us have girls...:(
Yes, we love our cute hats, here. I'm also excited to give the latest purchase (that daisy) hat to my friend at her baby shower.
Sorry about the Playstation....funny how "cheap" ends up "very expensive", huh!

Knitted Gems said...

My husband is an avid gamer. There are times I am sure he would love to sell my yarn collection so that he could buy more game stations and games. It's a good thing my mother-in-law supports my addiction. She would help me kill him if he ever did such a thing!

Knittingqueen said...

Yes, the yarn purchases are starting to take over the house. My husband does not say much, but I know he's thinking it!!!