Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, first and foremost, the Langley Antique Show! I actually made it to my parent's house by 6:45, which was amazing for a holiday weekend, considering that I left my house at 5:00. My parents were still at the Langley fairgrounds setting up, so I met them there, and realized very quickly that this event was on a much bigger scale than I had anticipated. They had about 30 vendors and it was located in a rather large hall. And although my parents were actually in pretty good moods about this event, considering the fact that they were coordinating the whole thing, I discovered very quickly the object of my mother's "issue du jour". A very heated arguement had broken out between a couple of vendors over the placement of their booths. I heard many variations of this story that evening--all from my mother.

I set my things up around my mom's booth, we went to dinner, them home to bed to get ready for the big day.

The next morning, after getting coffee from the Useless Bay Coffee Co, we arrived at the show. Now, I was raised by two people who get the biggest charge out of a garage sale. When I was growing up we had a garage sale every year. But not one of those little set-up-a-card-table-in-the-driveway-with-a-few-chipped-dishes kind of sale. They invited friends and neighbors and put on the biggest sales you've ever seen. Every year. And now that they're on a farm, they have a barn sale every year and invite all of their "antiquey" friends to set up "booths" on their property. So while your average garage sale make bring in $75 to $100, my folks will rake in $3000.

Needless to say, the Langley Antique Show at the Island County Fair Grounds is big doin's for them. And the sad thing--after doing the barn sales with them for the last six years, I actually knew a lot of people at the Antique Show. And they knew me. And the people who didn't know me instantly warmed to me when they realized that I was Ray and Jackie's daughter. My parents have formed this whole new small town life for themselves and it is so interesting to watch it unfold!

And how did I do? I sold 5 hats, 2 stuffed cupcakes, and 6 felted pears! I made $120, received a ton of compliments, and passed out cards to several interested potential customers. So, while I made a small fraction of what my folks took in, I'm actually quite pleased with how I did and plan to make more cupcakes and felted pears for my mom to sell in her shop.

In other news: Alice. I want to wring her 15 year old furry little passive-aggressive neurotic neck. She is on a peeing frenzy these days. Including Saturday night when I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to realize she had peed on the bed while we were in it. Nothing like changing your sheets at 2:00 in the morning. She went for a few weeks without any problems, and now it's almost a daily occurance. But seriously, we don't know what to do. It's all behavioral. Should we take away her tv? Set up a little kitty sticker chart?

Robin Hood. Season 1 has come to a close and I'm actually quite sad about it. Ryan and I have had a great time watching it together and I'm in a little bit of mourning over the fact that it's done (but delighted to know that there will be a season 2!). Ryan and I were watching it a couple of weeks ago and Marian had become injured. One of Robin's "merry men" needed to find clean instruments to treat her. After several minutes Ryan looked at me and asked "how will the instruments help her?" and I realized that he had been wondering how a trumpet was going to heal her stab wound. It was all we could do not to even smile as we explained what surgical instruments are.

And up next? I have a list, a list!, of knitting projects! Gordon's hat, a snowman baby hat for Ryan's pregnant teacher, Cinderella #2, a java sleeve for Leah, more cupcakes and pears, and I'm in negotiations with a shop owner in Lancaster, PA for some babyhats. There will be little Amish babies wearing cupcakes on their heads!

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Leah said...

We totally need to catch up! sorry you're sick. :( I'm glad the sale was worth it.

And good job getting the text to wrap around the photos, btw!