Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where is Captain Underpants When We Need Him?

It actually happened. Ryan officially ran out of underwear. After school the boys played in the sprinkler, then came back in to change. No clean underwear. He is currently going commando under his shorts while my new Whirlpool Duet washer is busily sanitizing a load of little boy underwear, socks, and towels.

The laundry has been really piling up lately (duh!). I got this flu bug thingy last week and it seems to affect me every other day. Sick one day, better the next so I try to eat, then bleahhh the next and so on. It's been a week of this and I'm rather tired of it (although a successful, if not unexpected weight loss program!). So between that and Alice peeing on my bed every day (and in Eric's room. On his Spiderman costume...) and being gone half of last weekend, the laundry truly got away from me. It is in huge piles everywhere. Everywhere. The little boy I watch on Tuesday and and Thursday mornings showed up today and said "wow--your mom made a big mess!". That's called Laundry Day, Jacob.

There is so much laundry that I'm actually surprised to see things that have been MIA for a while. That is the kind of laundry experience you're suppose to have in college, not as a stay-at-home mother of 2 who routinely does laundry twice a week. How many sessions in therapy do you think it would take for Ryan to recover if I offered to let him borrow a pair of my underwear?

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