Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One Down, One To Go

I have been unable to blog for the last few days due to the fact that Eric has become evil. He whines, talks in this high-pitched baby voice for no reason, spits, throws things, laughs maniacally and runs away when asked to do something, fights with his brother....Eric use to be my easy kid. I know that all 4 1/2 year old boys go through an evil streak. I know that. And yet that is very little comfort right now.

Yesterday we went to Ryan's school to meet his 2nd grade teacher. Eric recognized immediately that the morning was not about him. So he decided to completely make it about him. He would NOT keep his hands off Ryan. I told him repeatedly, in as stern a voice as I will allow myself in public, to keep his hands to himself. He was physically incapable of doing so. He then turned his attention to me and started to whine and cling to me "caaaaarrrrrryyyyy mmmmeeeeeee". He then asked me about 587 times to go to the car and get his pad of paper. When that failed, he asked for a place to sit. All of the 2nd graders were sitting at their desks and he wanted to sit too. And yet every chair and every place I offered him was not acceptable. All of this happening in his fake high-pitched whining baby voice (that I ask him to stop using about 45965 a day because it's like listening to a dog whistle), while I am trying to explain to him to please just wait a few minutes because I have to help Ryan put away the 3 BAGS of school supplies I schlepped to school and I would really like to introduce myself to Ryan's teacher without shrieking. I know the other moms there were looking at me with a mix of pity and disdain because I brought an evil child with me and I was unable to control him. Eric begins preschool on Monday. Can NOT be soon enough.

Ryan is quite delighted to begin the 2nd grade today, despite the fact that his 4 best buddies are all in different classes, and very happily got on the school bus without needing me to follow along and meet him at school. That has been the best part of my day.

Venue is going to feature me in their on-line news letter this month. Eric and I will be making a trip there tomorrow, as a outing designed to keep us from hurting each other, with a visit across the street to Cupcake Royale thrown in as a reward. My stuff continues to fly off the shelves there, which excites me and stresses me out at the same time. I will have a new pair of Minnie Mouse booties for them (I'm sure I can whip up the other one this afternoon), as well as duck flippers and bumblebee booties.

I also have some court jester booties I am dying to make, but it has taken me several tries to understand the directions and when I finally figured it out I realized that I would not have enough yarn. Can I wait until Monday, when I am FREE, FREE AS A BIRD to go to the yarn store and putz around til my heart's content? Or do I risk taking Eric with my on Friday after his open house?

One thing I do know--Mike only has 10 days left to try and worm his way out of the Keith Urban concert.

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