Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Life Was Suppose To Get Better

I don't understand. Ryan is in school full time and Eric has 3 half days of school each week. Why is my life not better? Why do I have no time? For anything? My house is a complete disaster. No knitting is being accomplished. No blogging is getting done. My family has nothing to eat. I foolishly thought that, once school began, my orderly life would fall back into place and all would be well.

Instead I find myself driving to the bus stop and back. Then to preschool and back. Then back to preschool to pick up Eric. Then back to the bus stop to get Ryan. Then to swimming lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then to Kid's Choir at church on Wednesdays. And I have to do Ryan's homework every day (I'm sorry, but when I was in school my parents did not have homework. When I was in school, 2nd graders did not home home work. And certainly not every day. Is the level of homework appropriate? Yes. Is he learning to build good study habits? Yes. Is he able to do his homework on his own without input from me every day? Absolutely not! Especially when his teacher keeps assigning him tasks that involve family members). So in between all of that I need to try and live my life. I have an hour to clean the bathrooms, then back in the car. An hour to do some laundry, then back in the get the picture. I have 12 half finished knitting projects and my Whirlpool Duet washing machine is on overload with sanitizing everything Alice has touched.

We had a mobile vet come this morning to see Alice the passive-aggressive-neurotic-peeing cat. We spent $200 to be told that Alice is just about the healthiest 15 year old cat they have ever seen. They suggested a $119 blood test to determine if she has diabetes, but we nixed that, explaining that even if she does have diabetes, there is no way we are going to pay for insulin and actually give her injections twice a day. I'm sure they think we're abusing her and are calling PETA right now. The only thing that really made sense to us and made the visit worthwhile (other than knowing that she is healthy) was their suggestion that we put a litter box in the bathroom upstairs. They explained that her litter box is just too far away and it's not worth it for her to traipse all across the house when she could just as easily pee right where she is. So we'll try that. And then I'll get to clean up cat litter all over the floor of the boys' bathroom. Leah suggested that I accidentally drop a brick on her head. That is still a viable option.

This morning Mike's cousin Audrey called and invited me to participate in her annual Christmas bazaar. Each November she has several artists/vendors in her home selling their wares and she has a big open house. I'm really excited! And in a panic. I have 6 weeks. I have 6 whole weeks. I only have 6 weeks. And did I just mention that I spend all my time in the car these days?

So I have nothing coherent to say in this post. I am only capable of ranting, while trying to figure out how other people get anything done on the maid's day off.

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