Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Update

It's 90+ degrees right now, which means my ability to be witty has been greatly diminished, so I'll just cut right to the chase.

Baby Blake: We finally got to meet our new cousin/nephew Blake! Blake was born about a week ago, but he had a couple of minor hiccups, so the kids and I stayed away and just sent Mike to visit Tiffany. Yesterday we all got to meet Blake. Blake, who is only 7 lbs and still the size of my boys when they were each still inside of me.

Ryan was very excited to meet Blake and really enjoyed getting to hold him. However, this whole new baby business came as quite a shock to Eric. We've been getting the boys excited for their new cousin for several weeks now, but Eric truly has never been around a newborn baby. I don't know what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this. Eric looked at Blake like he was seeing a new creature for the first time. And he was looking at us, trying to understand why we were so excited about this little alien mutant that clearly was not an actual human baby. And every time Blake made a little newborn squeaking noise, Eric would laugh nervously and quickly look away. He wouldn't touch Blake and he was not about to hold him. I think Eric has decided to wait until Blake turns into an actual real baby, because clearly that transformation has yet to take place. Eric, who loves snakes, lizards, frogs, and man eating dinosaurs was not going to get involved with this thing.

Critter update: It has been confirmed--we have a mouse living in our ducts. The ducts that run through one of our kitchen cupboards, next to the microwave, which has now become a vacation stop for the little rat bastard. Mike plugged up the vent opening where the mouse seems to be entering, and then made a point of calling me at work to ask if I knew about the hole that had been gnawed in the bag of brown sugar. I don't think I actually shrieked, but I did alarm a couple of customers. And now that cupboard is dead to me.

The sweater: I've been plugging away at it and actually found buttons for it yesterday. And at only $1.30 a button, a true steal. They are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

The rest of my life: on hold until this infernal hell-on-earth-100-degree heat leaves the Seattle area. I am unable to function. Fortunately it has not affected my ability to drink.


Penny said...

Baby Blake is adorable!! Tell Tiffany I said Congratulations. It's been 90+ for the past month or so here and you know me I'm loving it. You are a true Seattle girl Jen! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cold, wet and windy here in southern Australia...loving this cool you heart out.
I think may Eric expected a full size model, you know skipping the baby, toddler, preschool age.
:-))))) Congrats all round.


wildethymeknits said...

Congrats on the new nephew. Sympathizing with the heat - it was 120F on one half of our back deck yesterday. Phew!!