Friday, June 13, 2008

Critter Update

The bats have made their annual migration to the eaves over our breezeway into the mudroom. I get a friendly reminder of this each time Eric announces "watch out for the bat poop!" I guess I should count my blessing and feel grateful that the bats have not chosen to live above our front door.

The bear that was found just a few miles from our house has now been released back into the wild. Great. Because there is no chance it would find it's way to my neck of the woods. Our house seems to be sending out some kind of beacon to all wildlife. A bat signal, if you will. JEN LIVES HERE AND SHE HATES YOU. COME WATCH HER SCREAM.

I won't even get into the mole issue. I'm much more concerned about the creature that seems to be living in our duct work. Think I'm kidding? Mike, who gave up listening to me rant long ago, is the one who freaked out the other night. Mute the tv! I hear something! There it is again! And I was paying no attention to him until I too heard scurrying from the vent behind the couch. And then from the vent in the next room just a minute later. This should become very interesting in about 3 more days.

And of course there were the honeybees that chose to mate on my back deck door window. They can choose to make their sweet insect love in all of Renton, and they chose my window. At eye level. Where Ryan and Eric, and Emily and Daniel from next door happened to be watching and decided they all wanted to go in the back yard right at a critical, yet intensely private moment. How do you explain honeybee porn to a bunch of kids? All who are talking excitedly at the same time: What are they doing? Look at those two bees! One is on top of the other! They are stuck together! Yeah yeah, get your shoes on and go. Overt your eyes and go.

I'm going to start sleeping with a baseball bat and a can of Raid under my pillow.


Leah said...

At first I thought the sentence read: "Our house seems to be sending out some kind of bacon to all wildlife" and I thought, well there's your problem!

my pink toes

Meghan said...

I totally thought it said bacon too, and I thought why the heck are you feeding the wild animals?

cori said...

Mommy, are the bees having sex?