Sunday, June 1, 2008

And I'm Still Tired

Last Sunday I was tired. I believe 4 of you read all about how tired I was from taking a group of 8 year old boys to the movies. I was tired. I was so tired I could barely see straight. I was so tired that it carried late into the week and I had no energy to get anything done around the house. I was so tired that, well, this is how tired I was:

On the day of Ryan's birthday party Mike drove us all in the van to the movies and used my keys. Also, I switched to a bigger bag to hold all of the contraband candy for the kids. The next day I had to work and Mike wanted to use the van again and asked me to take his car. Now, I hate Mike's car. It scares me. I'm always afraid of being attacked by the creatures living under the heaps of trash in his car. And throwing Diet Coke cans at me. But he rarely asks to use my car and I was going to be at work all day anyway, so I agreed. But I made a point of telling him that he could not use my keys because the key to the shop is on my key ring.

I then said goodbye to my family as they went off to church and I sat around in a daze until it was time to get ready for work. Yes, I skipped church that day. I told you, I was TIRED. I needed to pack up my bag for the day and decided I was too tired to switch purses again, so I just went with the bag from the day before, hoping it contained everything I needed. I was sure to include my little mini Land's End tote that Leah gave me years ago for my birthday. It's the perfect little knitting bag and I bring it with me to work, inside of my purse, to keep behind the counter. It holds a small knitting project, my cell phone, and my keys. I keep my main bag hidden away upstairs, but I need the keys with me because on weekends I open and close the store.

I got to work, stood in the parking lot and cleaned out an entire grocery bag worth of trash from Mike's car so that I wouldn't have to listen to the clinking of Diet Coke cans on the way home, locked his car with his keys and then looked in my hand and remembered that I wasn't holding my usual set of keys. I fumbled around in my big bag, that was not my usual bag, and discovered very quickly that there were no other keys in there. The store was to open in 15 minutes and I had no keys .

I called Mara, who lives 3 blocks away, to come in on her day off to unlock the door. Because that didn't make me feel like a loser at all. I then called Mike, who was at church, and who had not been planning to go back home, and asked him to go home and look for my keys because I would need them by 5:00 to lock up. It was all too much! Too many changes. The wrong car, the wrong bag, the wrong keys...

About 30 minutes later Mike called me at the shop and said that he could not find my keys anywhere. At that very moment I turned, grabbed my mini tote which I had placed behind the counter, opened it, and saw my keys sitting inside.

THAT is how tired I was.

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