Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What day is it?

It is Tuesday? Really? I guess that means yesterday was Monday. Less than a week into summer vacation and I'm already losing track of the days. We had an impromptu day long play date with Leah yesterday, which you can do when you have NO PLANS FOR THE NEXT 10 WEEKS. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit. We have a week of Day Camp at church next month. So really, we have NO PLANS FOR 9 WEEKS. I keep meaning to sign the kids up for swimming lessons, but that means finding a pool, checking the schedule, and figuring out if it's in the budget for swimming lessons.

Leah and I have known each other for 15 years. She is one of my very dearest bestest friends and we just don't get to spend time like this together, so it was so great to spend the day catching up. And while we were having our General Foods International Coffee moment (well, ok, it was a Mike's Hard Limeade moment), all 4 boys were digging for Indiana Jones artifacts in the backyard. Which meant we got to have an impromptu bath after the impromptu playdate.

And how is the knitting coming, you ask? Shannon is tightening the screws on my sweater production and I was able to negotiate an extra month. That means I have one month to finish that sweater. One month. 30 days. Miya just emailed me with 4 special orders and Zizia wants 2 more. I also am hopelessly behind in getting hats to Venue. And as soon as the Laundry Fairy shows up I'll get right on all of that.

I also had this brilliant idea that now would be a great time to repaint the boys bathroom. It's kind of a long story that involves them repeatedly pulling the towel rack off the wall, which will result in a standing towel rack from now on. But I have no more of the weird green paint that I used 10 years ago to paint that room, and I want to repaint our downstairs bathroom a different color, so I'm going to use the downstairs paint for the boys bathroom as soon as I'm done priming it. Which means that, instead of just patching the holes and touching them up with paint, the entire room needs to be repainted. And you could argue that this is a really bad time for me to take on a project like this, but the drywall patches have been staring me in the face for about 10 months now, so clearly there is no good time to do this. And there is so much of my upstairs that needs to be painted. SO MUCH. That I need to keep chipping away at it. Really. Sanding and painting my house could be my full time job. I have dreams of both kids being in school full time so that I can have hours and hours of uninterrupted time in which to sand and paint. You think I'm kidding....

Well, I have now procrastinated another 45 minutes by writing this post. I must face the music. Tuesday is upon me. The search for clean boys underwear must begin.

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wildethymeknits said...

I sympathise, with the painting, the laundry and the knitting. I am just doing the annual summer clear out of the house which is taking me all week. Then the plan is to start painting. Somewhere in amongst all that I have Mt. Washmore to tackle, the kids to see to and some knitting to do. That should see me through to the end of August easily!