Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I guess I'm a pacifist at heart

Things over at Sock Wars III are not going well. Not that I've done my part to keep the game going. At all. Several days ago the Supreme Commander sent an email, declaring the the original contest over and asked everyone still playing to send her a postcard, to her home in Ireland, and she would draw a winner from those entries.

The member forum lit up like Vegas when she did that. Some people paid up to $25 and expressed their postcards from Topeka to Ireland to make the June 21 deadline. Seriously? My sock yarn didn't even cost that much. Some people flew into a rage, spitting and sputtering their thoughts at having their contest yanked out from under them. And others, like myself, pulled back to watch the fight.

The next day another email was sent out, by someone who I think represents SWTC (SouthWest Trading Company, who is donating yarn to the winner), but that was not made clear, and she set up her own website and wants everyone who is still participating to sign up with her so that SWTC can keep the contest going and award their promised prize. I kind of wonder about validity of the connection to SWTC though because it was a very unprofessional email and I can't imagine an actual representative from a legitimate organization actually calling someone "stupid" in writing for the world to see. Who knows.

And since the war has taken a drastic turn and invaded new territory, I have decided to make my move to Switzerland.

Instead I am spending my days making BEADED CUPCAKE HATS. I can't even stand it, they are so cute. I went back to the bead store the other day, armed with a bag of Skittles for Eric, and was met with a surprise 25% off sale. It's as if I had been sent a personalized invitation. I bought more beads than I know what to do with, all for a grand total of $12. I want everything I knit to have beads.
This whole hat business has really become a little crazy. A friend of my mom's went to a baby shower the other day and one of the gifts turned out to be one of my cupcake hats, purchased from Willow & Bloom. It's only a matter of time before I attend a shower and see this happen for myself.

Willow & Bloom and Venue are all clamoring for more hats, which I am knitting as fast as I can. I dropped off some hats at my newest shop, Poptops, and Zizia has gotten into the act again. Have I mentioned lately that I still have a sweater to knit? That is due right now? I won't even get into the mile long list of "fun things I want to knit with no strings attached that I guess I will knit when I'm retired".

In other news, school ends tomorrow (as does my life), Tiffany is in the hospital right now having her baby, and Ryan's yearbook was stolen at school today. All three issues worthy of tears.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you do a tutorial on how to thread the beads onto the yarn for us, I have no idea how it's done and I'm interested now, thanks to you.

School holidays don't last forever.


wildethymeknits said...

Great hats. Fame at last. Well done you!