Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I've been intrigued by knitting with beads. There was a time, in the not too distant past when I abhorred the idea. And then something struck me one day and I became a little interested. And then I became quite interested. And for the past few weeks I've tried getting beads on my yarn, with no luck whatsoever, which spurned me on even further--I know there is a way to get these beads on the yarn and I know knitting with them cannot be as hard as I originally thought.

A couple of weeks ago I went to You Tube and found a video on how to knit with beads. That got me even more hot and bothered, seeing how simple it is to add the beads. And yet I still could not get the beads strung on my yarn. So last week Eric and I took a trip to Beads and Beyond in Bellevue. In the immortal words of my 10 year old niece, Ellie --"O. M. G." That place is amazing. Overwhelming, really. An employee showed me how ridiculously simple it is to string beads, gave me some tips on what size to buy for my yarn, and I then stood there in a stupor trying to decide which colors to buy from the kabillion vials of incredibly inexpensive beads. For $8 I got a pearl needle, some special thread for stringing, and 4 vials of beads. Last night I made my first beaded baby hat. People, I am hooked. HOOKED!

I have a new reason for getting up in the morning. Suddenly the drizzly rain seems not so drizzly. I have a little spring in my step. I am now going to knit everything with beads! $1.25 a vial?!? I am buying a crate of beads! Every knitting project will be adorned with beads. I will become known far and wide as the woman who discovered beaded knitting. Ok, ok, I know you're starting to get a little scared. Scared that I will become the crazy bead lady with those weird beaded things.

I have been giving this some thought, truly, and then it struck me. Struck me like one of Eric's lightsabers. Struck me like a chop from Kung Fu Panda. Beaded cupcake hats. BEADED CUPCAKE HATS. BEADED CUPCAKE HATS! I can't even stand it. It is the epiphany of all epiphanies. I know I promised both Ryan and Mike that I would do their laundry today, since they both came to me half dressed looking for clothes, but clearly that was before I had been able to channel my new found talent into the most adorable project ever.

See you in a month.

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Leah said...

Totally. Adorable.

Can't wait to see what the cupcake hats look like. (Better wash some underwear first...)

my pink toes