Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh Yeah...I have a camera!

I went a little crazy with the camera this morning, but it's a good way to show you what I have been up to this week. And a good way to show you what Eric has not been up to this week.

Here is my little angel. My sweet little lazy shiftless goal-less 5 year old bum. Eric's shirt got wet this morning. His solution? To wrap himself in his blanket. He sees no point in going all the way upstairs to get clean clothing when he is so perfectly comfortable right where he is. Truly, when Eric grows up, he would like to be retired. He would like nothing more than to sit around in yesterday's pj's and thumb through the paper.

Eric's job
And the only productive thing he has done all day.
Eric continues to be a little schizophrenic about his passions. It is often a fluid transition from The Chipmunks to Indiana Jones to Spiderman to unemployed-moocher-living-on-my-couch-until-Dr. Phil-gives-me-the-power-to-kick-his-butt-into-gear-and-force-him-to-get-a-job. And often it's a combination of them all. His passion du jour has been making comic books and he can spend hours, in his Spiderman costume, or half naked, drawing on a stack of paper that has 46 staples in it. All the while quietly humming "Christmas Christmas time is here...."

Sock Wars
I guess weapons
don't work very well
if you don't use them
I do believe I have been a bit more productive this week than that little bum. Although my progress with Sock Wars III is not good. I have no time to do this. I never should have signed up for it. And the person who is to assassinate me clearly should not have signed up for it either because I am still alive. I have been waiting to die for 2 weeks now, and nothing. Nearly 50% of the participants are dead and I am not one of them. I feel bad. It was never my intention to be such a flake and I fully intend to send my unfinished socks to my assassin to keep the game going, but where is she?!? I feel like I need to lob a ball of yarn her way just to give her a hint of what an easy mark I am.

Because this is how I have been spending my time. Knitting hats. Tons and tons of hats. Orders, orders everywhere. My hands are actually sore from knitting hats. I knit every chance I get to try to catch up on these hats. I'm making decent progress, but there is no time for me to fight a war. I was suppose to go to my final sweater class last night but someone came home late from work, so I ended up not going. Not that I've had any time to work on the sweater, but I would still like to know how Shiori wants us to finish up. So I stayed home, watched 27 Dresses (the worst movie I have seen in a long time) and knit more hats.

The Front Garden
Is that Potato Vine crazy?!
In wildlife news, my garden is growing, I actually have wielded some control over the weeds, and the bats have migrated back to the eaves under our back door. Again. We have frogs in the lawn and I discovered a dead mouse on my garden path.

The Back Garden
Truly, I am shocked
each spring when
things actually grow.
It never ceases to amaze
me that I haven't killed
everything growing here.
I have a new nephew about to be born in the next few weeks and I have nothing knit for him. I've been looking at patterns and yarn, and dreaming in my head, but I was suppose to have 9 whole months to come up with something great. OK, well, technically I have had 9 months. But it sure has gone by fast. And now I have nothing with which to greet him. I have several pink cupcake hats. Do you think he'd like one of those? I also have a half finished woman's size medium sweater. How about that? A beaded scarf that I've ripped out? Oh, the guilt..... I could sit here the rest of the day working on this poorly written disjointed post, but it doesn't change the fact that I have laundry to do, hats to knit, and legos to build. The fun never ends.

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Meghan said...

OK - in that picture Eric TOTALLY looks like Ryan. I always laugh when people say they look alike, but holy smokes, I may have to say they look alike! Maybe you should change your name to Mrs Sandie, because he likes helping her...