Thursday, May 22, 2008

I still live here

It was never my intention to go more than a week with out posting--that is just where my life is right now. Each day I think hmmmm I should blog an update... and then it does not happen because I've become trapped under a tower of laundry and had to wait to be rescued. Or my fingers had become paralyzed from knitting 33494 hats from the orders I can't fill in time. Or I'm too busy trying to think up new and unusual punishments for my belligerent smart mouthed just-turned-8-on-Sunday son who seems physically unable to control his nasty tone, shrieking, and flat-out mean behavior toward his brother since reaching this illustrious milestone. He got his brand new Nintendo DS taken away for a day. Then 2 days. And that seemed to do the trick for about 10 minutes. He has spent so much time alone in his room that I'm worried he will turn into the little brother from Better Off Dead who entertains cheap women and builds explosives.

On Saturday Ryan and his 3 best buddies from school are going with our family to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as his official birthday celebration. I explained to Ryan that I am done with the big parties. Done. The only thing worse than ten 5 year olds running through the house is ten 8 year olds running through the house. So Ryan, Zach, Hunter, Pedro, and Eric will have a chicken nugget lunch at our house, make themselves sick on popcorn at the movie, and then come back for cake. No games, no goodie bags, no streamers and balloons. Just a very fun outing with his best pals. I read a recent review of the movie in which they complain about how corny it is and how it's like a video game because there is so much action and no one ever gets hurt. PERFECT! That is exactly what we want for these boys! We are all beside ourselves with glee at the prospect of seeing this movie, which does not seem to dampen Ryan's spirits in his quest to destroy us all.

In between trying to keep my family in clean underwear and thinking up new ways to ruin Ryan's life, I have been knitting. I cannot keep up with the orders. I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH THE ORDERS. After cleaning out my display from Happy Delusions and sending it all to Willow and Bloom, Miya and I decided that she probably had enough to last her a few weeks. Wrong! They are gone. All gone. So Mike is bringing 5 more hats to her today, which is about 1/3 of what she needs. But I've barely begun my Zizia order and Diane from Venue called me last night with some requests. Wasn't this suppose to slow down in the spring?

And besides this mess I'm in, I'm trying to get back on track with my sweater. I met with Shiori about a week ago and went over my entire sloper with a fine toothed comb. I believe I am back in business and have begun knitting it again. Because I have a lot of time to knit an adult sized sweater right now. Mara completely gave up on it, ripped the whole thing out, and is knitting a completely different sweater. I'm determined to see mine through, but I'll miss Mara's salty pirate impersonation.

And if all that were not enough to make me crazy, Eric has watched Alvin and the Chipmunks more times than I can count. When each of my boys were about 3 they went through this major Toy Story phase where it was watched ad nasium and they could recite entire sections of the movie. Alvin and the Chipmunks is getting to that point with Eric. Eric loves stuffed animals and sleeps with an armload each night until they all become a big furry sweaty mess stuck to his little sweaty body. He is an enigma, that boy. The same child who loves flesh ripping terrorizing T-Rexs and Venom, melts into a puddle of goo whenever he sees any kind of cute cuddly animal. Or Pokemon. So you can imagine how he feels about the Chipmunks. He has special dance moves and often responds to us with quotes from the movie. I know it's a phase, but I CANNOT GET THEODORE'S VOICE OUT OF MY HEAD. I go to sleep hearing "Only You" in three part Chipmunk harmony.

So here I am. This has been my life for the past week. Hopefully reading this will help you to feel a little better about yourself. And since I'm feeling just a little bit spiteful, I leave you with this: try NOT hearing "Funky Town", as sung by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, in your head for the rest of the day.


Meghan said...

yesterday he wouldn't take his sweatshirt off at school because he was being Alvin. I did however tell him he had to use his Eric voice at school (that Alvin voice does me in!)

David Smith said...

You say "entertain cheap women and build explosives," like it's a bad thing.

tiff said...

Ryan as Badger is a pretty amusing picture. And I'm pretty sure Eric sounded like Theodore even before he saw the movie...