Friday, March 28, 2008

Is it a keeper?

This is what I have been doing this week. Thinking up a new hat design, drawing the new hat design, shopping for the new hat, and then, of course, knitting the hat. I've been thinking for a few weeks that I need to come up with something new. Partly to refresh my inventory, and partly because I'm so completely bored with viking hats and cupcakes. I was at Venue this week dropping off some more hats and noticing that my display is looking sad and boring. I need something new. And then it hit me--I had been going to Venue via the U District and there are many Husky alums in the Ballard area. Would they buy a vintage football helmet for their little boy? (and Leah, I totally and completely forgot to pick up your little bag from Venue. I don't know what I was thinking! But I'll be going back soon...).

Does this even look like a vintage football helmet? Or is it a little too close to Elmer Fudd? I must say, I am quite proud of my W. I graphed it all by myself and I think it turned out very well. I am now about to start on a girl version. I'm not quite sure what it will be, but it will definitely have something foofy on top.

Feel free to weigh in on this one--I could use the feedback!


Leah said...

OMG - so cute! but it definitely needs to be modeled on a real-life baby so that people can see the idea of it.

For a girl, how about something really pom-pom-ish on top? ( I know, I know, could I be more sexist?)

I'm so impressed - your sweater/math class is paying off, eh?

BTW, the yarn for the rest of my mittens (and maybe hat) are on their way to you.

And, maybe I should actually call or email my best friend instead of just leaving comments on her blog?! :)

my pink toes

Reluctant Housewife said...

I think it's really cute. Although, to tell the truth, I didn't recognize it as a football helmet. But I'm not very sports-savy.

Carrie said...

I love it, of course, if SPU had a football team I would love it in the lovely maroon and goldish color of the Falcons (if I am remembering the color combo). :) If I had a baby and extra money, I would definitely buy one. But, since I have neither, it will, unfortunately, have to wait.