Monday, March 3, 2008

Pretty Things!

Pretty Things!
From left to right--
my sweater sleeve
from the sweater
design class, Tilli
Tomas scarf, lace
socks for ME, and
Leah's convertible
I'm tired of knitting baby hats. My big Artist Of The Month extravaganza is this Saturday and I am so half-heartedly knitting baby hats. I'm plugging along, not caring about them. I should be in a knitting frenzy, but I'm not. Venue already has a ton of hats from me and I hope to have 4 or 5 more for them when Eric and I arrive on Thursday morning to set up my fabulous display. And by fabulous, I mean whatever Diane and Caitlin can come up with because I've got nothin'. Mike bought me a big foam board display thingy and I've printed a bunch of pictures of my work and even used a fancy-schmancy white border to make the pictures look not quite completely unprofessional. I am excited about Saturday (mostly), but I'm just really sick of the baby hats. Because what I want to be working on is on display to your left.

I am really enjoying this sweater, but I quit for a few days because I'm deathly afraid of my math skills (and anyone who knows me, knows I exaggerate not at all. About this). After talking with Shiori the other day about how I came up with my sleeve pattern and discovering that her formula is not nearly as random as mine, I decided to put the sweater on hold until our next class. You know...just in case...

But what I really want to do right now is knit pretty things for grown-ups. Just for a little while. I had earned $25 in store credit from one of our competitors (for yarn purchase before I became employed at Cultured Purls) and I've had my eye on this book for a while. I really wanted it. So I "bought" it with my credit. I paid nothing for it and it's in my hot little hands, taunting me. Whispering to me.

And this is why. ADORABLE little things to knit. And the beauty of the darling mittens and fingerless gloves in this book? They are all knit flat, not in the round! It's a good thing I am so flat broke and cannot purchase even one skein of yarn for anything in this new book because that is the only thing holding me back from attempting even one of these new projects.

I'm thinking Christmas gifts perhaps? Are these fingerless gloves not precious?

I must knit this sweater. I understand that it is sweater #3 for me and I'm only on the beginning of the sleeve of sweater #1. Where there's a will, there's a way, right? Maybe if I rob a bank and hire a full time nanny/housekeeper/chef/gardener I could get some important work done around here. And let's face it--I could use a couple of new sweaters. Just ask anyone who sees me on even a semi-regular basis.

The Reptile Guy
Here comes
the giant frog!
Now, this part of my post is much less pretty, but I have to include it because it's the most exciting thing I've done all day (besides washing sheets, of course). The Reptile Guy came back to Eric's preschool. We love The Reptile Guy. He's very funny and, well, he has a bunch of reptiles! That's Eric (in the orange shirt), looking at an enormous frog.

Eric and the King Snake
Eric gave Shadow,
the King snake,
a little snuggle

And that is my sweet little angel, petting a king snake. I believe the highlight of The Reptile Guy's visit was when Ravioli, the corn snake, peed all over the floor. A peeing snake and a room full of preschoolers--doesn't get better than that.

I really should end this post now. I have to get back to washing Ryan's pants and then I have to knit more baby hats, after planning my get-away from the bank. Anyone have a ski-mask I can borrow?


Reluctant Housewife said...

I love those mittens from your new book. The colours are great. Your sweater looks very pretty. I love the pattern.
Reptile guy - my kids would LOVE him.
Good luck at the bank (but I'm fresh out of ski masks).

Meghan said...

Maybe you should knit a ski mask...
Just something to think about!!

Leah said...

so many cute things! And that book looks amazing.
Can't wait till Saturday.