Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday's To-Do List

1. Get dressed in sweats and just enough make-up so as to not frighten any small children I may come across today, including my own. Made the decision to not wear actual adult clothing when I realized that my biggest adventure today was going to be a trip to the bus stop. In the van.

2. Fold laundry.

3. Clean the kitchen. And by "clean the kitchen", I really mean to make it safe and inhabitable for others. Spend quite a bit of time on the floor and try to decide if the contents of the dustpan would actually make up a nutritious lunch for Eric. After all, most of the food I swept up did originate from his meals.

4. Fold more laundry.

5. Knit viking braids while glancing wistfully at my pretty, grown-up projects.

6. Get out the vacuum and put it next to the stairs as Step One in thinking about vacuuming upstairs.

7. Watch Eric play the Dino Pirhana level of Super Mario Galaxy.

8. Put away the laundry that's in the basket in my bedroom. Secretly curse my spouse for putting away his laundry and assuming that the laundry fairy would be swooping in later in the day to put away everything else. And by "his" laundry, I mean only items that he wears on his body because obviously sheets, towels and anything he cannot readily identify must clearly be considered "my" laundry and is therefore unputawayable by him.

9. Read more Daughter of York while harboring guilt that I still have not finished our bookclub book from last month, that we all agreed to extend for another month.

10. Finish cleaning up from Eric's party. Put the dining room back in order. Remove the Transformer poster from my living room and stick it back in it's rightful place--over Eric's bed.

11. Fold laundry.

12. Pick Ryan up from the bus. Spend the rest of the day refereeing Gameboy/Wii/seriously find something else to do that does not involve a screen you have a playroom full of toys you never play with and you need to do your homework don't give me that look. Final warning I said it's time to do your homewor....ok that's it you need to spend some time in your room DON'T YOU TALK TO ME THAT WAY...more cursing of the husband as he is at work until bedtime for the 2nd day in a row.

13. Put the rest of the laundry into baskets for the husband to take upstairs when he gets home.

14. Sit on the couch and knit while giving the husband the privilege of spending quality time with his boys at bedtime and feel no guilt about going upstairs to rescue him when the screaming begins.

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Reluctant Housewife said...

Sounds familiar... As I'm reading this I'm sitting with my feet up on a basket of laundry I'm supposed to be folding.