Thursday, March 20, 2008

To Do

1. Pick a dessert to serve to Book Group tomorrow night.

2. Clean my bathrooms so I don't scare the members of my Book Group tomorrow night.

3. Tidy up the knitting projects so I don't impale a member of my Book Group with a sock needle when they try to find a place to sit in my living room tomorrow night.

4. Play Spiderman Concentration with Eric.

5. Convince Eric to put on clean underwear and clean pj's (it's pajama day today, you know).

6. Force myself to knit some more hats for Venue. Diane has been severely hinting that I need to stop in. Apparently this Artist of the Month business lasts for the entire month.

7. Write up my arm hole decreases for my sweater design--a task I have been avoiding because I'm scared of it.

8. Go to work at 3:00 today! We're having a trunk show and they need the extra help to set up. I don't exactly know what a truck show is or what it entails, but I do know this: there will be a bunch of new stuff to fondle at work and my kids will be at home with their grump of a father who is not in a bad mood at all and quit telling him that he is because he is FINE.

9. Decide which of my drab, dreary outfits I should wear on Easter Sunday since I have no spring clothes and it's 40 degrees and raining this week.

10. Make sure my dentist appointment is now noted on the correct day on the calendar since I was pacing back and forth yesterday, waiting for Senior Grumpola to get home so I could leave since he was 30 minutes away and 30 minutes late and trying to convince me he could be home in 10 minutes, which would have involved theory of flight, and then I called the dentist to explain how incredibly late I was going to be and their response was "you don't have an appointment today". Apparently my appointment on their calendar is for the 26th. Not the 19th. The date I had on my calendar. Which does not excuse the love-of-my-life's behavior and complete inability to judge time and distance at all.

11. Drink a Mike's Hard while watching Lost tonight. What is up with Jin and Sun?!? Do you really think he's dead? Or his he caught in that wacky time warp think and not remembering that he's married to Sun? And if that is the case, why does she think he is dead? And why does Kate have Claire's baby? Did someone bump off Claire? This whole Jin and Sun business is really bothering me.

12. Play Go Spidey with Eric and try to convince him to fan his cards rather than holding them in a big wad so he can't see what he has and try not to get frustrated when he keeps flipping the same cards around and around.

13. Live in denial that there is no school tomorrow for either of my kids.

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Carrie said...

I have the same denial for tomorrow going on. So much so, I told my husband we could run to the store and get some grocery shopping done. Forgot the kids didn't have school until my 5 year old started excitedly chanting "I get to go grocery shopping, I get to go to the grocery store". No doubt excited as he probably thinks he is going to get candy to feed his sugar addiction. Darn teacher work days!