Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break Day 4

Here is a list of what has been accomplished during this highly productive Spring Break:

--I have knit 4 cupcake hats, part of a convertible mitten, and several inches of Leah's birthday gift, while watching House of Mouse, trying to watch Martha, and trying not to watch the boys argue over who gets to be Green Goblin when playing Wii Spiderman Friend or Foe.

--I have helped Ryan make his solar-system-in-a-shoebox for his Spring Break homework project. I really appreciate the childless 2nd grade team at Ryan's school coming up with something productive for the 2nd grade parents to do while the 3 of them actually enjoy their spring break.

--I have done more laundry than I thought possible. It seems to be growing. I don't know where it is all coming from, but it has clearly become a lifeforce unto itself.

--I have weeded approximately 1/100000000 of my garden during the 4 hours it has not rained during Spring Break.

--My boys have created several comic books, eaten me out of house and home, morphed into both Spiderman and Indiana Jones, reached a new level of Spiderman Friend or Foe, kicked each other, shot each other with the guns made out of the clay that was suppose to be for the solar-system-in-a-shoebox, and are currently, blessedly, happily eating a pancake breakfast during Pajama Day at Emily and Daniel's next door.

--Mike and I finished watching a completely hilarious-laugh-until-you-cry Season 2 of Arrested Development and are now watching the bizarre I-can-see-why-they-canceled-it-because-clearly-they-lost-the-magic Season 3.

This is what I want to know: all those kids who are in Disneyland for Spring Break--who are they hiring to make their solar-system-in-a-shoebox?

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Leah said...

Glad you liked AD2. AD3 gets soo much better - it had one of my favorite episodes of all of them - Mr.F is pee-your-pants hilarious (to me, anyway....)

Glad you're surviving Spring Break!

my pink toes