Thursday, April 17, 2008


Before I get to the reason for today's post, I just have to shout out a big HA! to my little football helmet skeptics out there. It sold. IT SOLD! Hee hee--she wants more. It sold!

Now back to our regular programming. I went to the Wednesday night sweater design class to sit in and hopefully soak up some knowledge I may have missed the first time around. As an employee, one if my perks is the option of sitting in on classes at no charge. Given my complete and utter lack of confidence in my ability to complete this sweater, auditing this class felt like the right thing to do.

So I sat in the back of the room, keeping silent and not wanting to take up valuable question-asking time that the other participants were actually paying for and at one point Shiori explained how each sweater you design and knit has many fine adjustments to make it just right. She spent a year at the Nihon Vogue institute becoming certified in sweater design. Apparently in that course the students knit 8 sweaters the Nihon Vogue way, perfecting their designs.

At the end of class I finally piped up and asked the question I am now very sorry I asked. If she knit 8 sweaters during this course, how did her very first one turn out? She laughed and told us that it is hideous and unwearable, but she keeps it to remind her of the many mistakes she made. Are you kidding me?! You are a world-class knitter, you were being trained by Nihon Vogue, and your first sweater is unwearable? She just confirmed my biggest fear. My sweater is going to end up looking like it came right out of Episode #63 of I Love Lucy.

I have been entrusted with $125.30 worth of yarn with the expectation that I will proudly display it in the store when I am finished. We need to take a picture of my creation and send it to the Sublime distributor, who will then reimburse the store for the way I so beautifully knit with their yarn.

Just how much money do you think the distributor will want to send us after seeing a picture of my Lucy Ricardo original? Imagine how it would look if I wore the sweater with that hideous wretched strawberry hat? Not only would they not pay us, they'd probably charge the store extra for pain and suffering.

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Linda said...

Hee hee - gr8 job Jen!!!
Mom K