Thursday, April 3, 2008

So now what do you think?

Alright, alright--I asked for an honest opinion and I got it. A very lukewarm reception to the football helmet idea. To be honest, I wasn't sold on it either. Mike loved it and still thinks I should try to make more, but something about it wasn't right. So I came up with this instead. I do think these will sell and Mike is bringing them to Venue for me tomorrow. We'll see!

I'm back to being a knitting maniac after hearing from Miya at Willow and Bloom the other day. First she emailed me to say she needs 3 more cupcake hats. She then emailed me again to say all the cupcake hats are gone and she now needs a total of 6. Then she called me yesterday in a panic. Apparently this customer came in the other day and looked at the cupcake hats, but didn't buy any. She then came in again yesterday and was really upset that they were all gone. She demanded to know why there was no backstock and Miya tried to explain that they are not mass produced, but rather hand knit (and I guess it was all she could do not to chide her for failing to buy the cupcakes when she saw them the first time). So the customer asked Miya to call me and ask me to knit faster. Miya and I got a good laugh out of that and I told her I would get right on that. I told Miya that I would have 4 hats for her on Friday and that I would keep working on the rest. And now the order is up to 8 cupcakes because this wacky customer is coming in on Friday to buy 2 of them.

And besides this cupcake and Husky hat business, I only have one of Leah's convertible mittens done, I've spent very little time on my sweater (and class is on Saturday morning. At 8:00 a.m.), and I'm trying to get my pink lace socks done. I love the Pagewood Farms hand dyed sock yarn so much I want to marry it.

Seriously, in the last week this is all I have been doing. My house is dirty. My cupboards are bare. I took the kids to McDonald's for dinner last night. And I knit while they played the video games.

I need to get into the garden. My garden is so weedy and, well, it's that time of year. I have done a little preliminary gardening, but I have some serious work to do out there and I just don't have the time right now. I think I was the only person in this entire city who was excited to see our surprise March snowstorm. It was my excuse not to garden! It was God telling me to stay inside and knit. There is no gardening guilt during a snowstorm! I know it really sucked for Meghan and Cori because they got snowed on during Opening Day of the Mariner's game, but it was working out nicely for me.

And as if I don't have enough to do, I've decided to knit something for Leah for her birthday. Her birthday is on Sunday and we'll be celebrating on the 19th. What Leah will most likely be getting from me on that day is a bag of yarn and an I.O.U., but it's a little project that makes me happy. And I don't think Leah is a Viking Hat kind of gal.
Sorry, but I don't have a lot of witty banter in me today. My mind is all twisted up with yarn. I may have just enough time to see the pregnant man on Oprah, and then it's back to work! I'll let you know what Venue thinks of the Husky hats!


Leah said...

oooh - I love the yarn on the "surprise"! and IOUs are just fine! :)

I like the UW hat - still liked the old-fashioned look, but maybe with faux-leather circles sewed on the flaps? I think it has potential.

The girl hat is cute. I think something really extreme at the top would be awesome, though. (Then, i know, it'd have to be much more expensive and time consuming...)

Yay about Willow and Bloom!
Knit as fast as those hands can go.

my pink toes

Meghan said...

The girl hat is super cute!! Must say I do like the purple hat better without the "ears" - then it can go either way.

cori said... b-day has passed, as has Meghan's...where are our knitted items? P.S. I love the newer style of the UW hats. The other one, I just kept thinking 'Christmas Story'.