Thursday, January 31, 2008

To Do

Jen's To Do list for Thursday:

1. Write blog entry as a way to avoid the rest of To Do list.

2. Put away the rest of my Christmas decorations that are in a big heap in the dining room.

3. Change everyone's sheets. Often an optional task; NOT optional anymore.

4. Put away clean laundry/gather dirty laundry from all corners of the house. Didn't I just do this?

5. Walk into the kitchen to attempt to clean it. End up standing in the middle of it all and cry tears of frustration because there is no point to cleaning this sesspool of a room that immediately becomes contaminated the second anyone of the male species living in this house walks into it and fails to notice the crunching sensation under their feet.

6. Feed Eric. See #5.

7. Try to convince Eric to change out of his pajamas. Ok fine. Then at least put on clean underwear. No, seriously, you MUST wear clean underwear. Look! Here is your glow-in-the-dark Darth Vader underwear! Aren't those fun? No, don't turn the lights out so we can see them glow right now--I have things to do. I said to leave the lights on. PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON. I CAN'T CHANGE YOUR SHEETS IN THE DARK. Yes, I can see them glowing. Can we please turn the lights back on now? Thank you.

8. Try to decide if I should actually vacuum or just put the vacuum away that has been sitting in the living room for 3 days.

9. Pick Ryan up from the bus.

10. Tell the boys they can play the Wii, but there will be no fighting over who is Player One, who gets to go first, which game they are going to play, and whether or not Eric is allowed to talk or breathe during Ryan's turn.

11. Take away Wii controllers 4 minutes later when #9 fails.

12. Try to knit 49 hats.

13. Leave for work at 4:30. Revel in my first moment of solitude since 6:30 this morning.

14. Return from work at 7:30. See #'s 1-12.

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