Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Making Progress

This week I've been trying to mix things up a bit. In between each hat I knit for Venue and Happy Delusions, I am trying to finish up some long overdue projects. What you see before you is Meghan's completed birthday cake. I bought the pattern and yarn months ago. I saw a sample of it at Hilltop Yarn East and bought the pattern on the spot. I had to have it. Had to. Was not leaving the store without the pattern. I knit it up right away, but had the bottom to complete and then had to have a piece of foam cut for it. Those last 2 steps took me about 4 months. And in the meantime Meghan saw it and claimed it as her own. Which actually works out nicely because I'd like to make another one, if for no other reason than to justify the purchase of my Skacel lace needles. I believe the next cake will be chocolate with pink inside.

I've also started making my luscious Tillie Tomas wool scarf, which is adorned with tiny glass beads.

In the meantime I'm making valentine hats for both of my shops (Mike brought a few hats into Venue last week and apparently one of the valentine hats sold 15 minutes after he left), as well as more cupcake hats and vikings. Oh yeah, and I still owe my mom 1/2 a sock, I have 3/4 of my first convertible mitten done, and my second Cinderella still lies in dismembered parts in a basket under my sofa table. I have plans for Cinderella #2, so I need to get a move on. I also bought sock yarn for my sister, Caroline, at her request, and I have my own pair of socks to knit from the cotton candy hand spun hand dyed sock yarn from Cultured Purls. Will the fun never end? I have something new on the horizon that I'm dying to take a crack at, but I will not allow myself to begin even one Woolly Snowman until I finish up this list. Or the vast majority of this list. Or at least one more thing....

Speaking of Cultured Purls, they love me. Not to get too Sally Field on you, but they really really love me. They want to increase my hours a bit, but they are worried about the time I'm spending away from my family. What kind of boss says that? What kind of boss cares at all that you even have a family? They really want to make sure I'm liking my job and that I'm happy. I told them to bring it on!

And after the day I have had with my two precious cherubs, I may consider working there full time. I jest, of course. They have been anything but precious cherubs this afternoon. I believe the word I'm looking for is ANNOYING. Or perhaps WHINING. BELLIGERENT? SOUL-SUCKING? HORRID LITTLE BEASTS WHO ARE COMPLETELY INCAPABLE OF COMPLETING A SINGLE SOLITARY THING WITHOUT FIGHTING/ASKING ME FOR HELP/COMPLAINING/WHINING/STOMPING/DID I MENTION WHINING?

But I digress. Well, actually I'm going to digress back to the last paragraph for a moment. IF ERIC DOESN'T TAKE A NAP TOMORROW (AND I MEAN A NAP WHERE ACTUAL SLEEPING IS INVOLVED) I AM GOING TO DROP AN AMBIEN INTO HIS APPLE JUICE.

There. I feel better now.


cori said...

What about trying Benadryl instead of ambien? Well...I guess you do need kid-free time! Three cheers for ambien.

Leah said...

Cute cake, Jen! I'm glad you're getting a bit of variety.

Please post a pic of the valentine hats - I can't wait to see them!