Monday, January 28, 2008

Well, this day sucks

All weekend long the news has been promising/predicting/threatening snow. Cultured Purls was a tomb all weekend long because people were so freaked out by the snow that never was. Ok, I understand you not wanting to go out in the snow. I get that. But this weekend it did not snow. And it was about 40 degrees, so it was not going to snow. A quick trip to the yarn shop was not going to kill you.

And then late last night it snowed and all of Seattle ran shrieking for cover. Now I know there are areas that received a few inches. Those areas are not near my house. We received a dusting. And by a dusting, I mean I could still count my blades of grass and all of my mole hills. And yet, schools throughout Western Washington are closed. And I am home with my kids. There is not enough snow outside to make it fun and, I repeat, I am home with my kids. At least the big grumpy one finally went to work after stomping around and insisting that he was not in a bad mood (self employed people particularly hate the snow. Like it's MY fault it "snowed").

And here is the kicker: Tonight it is suppose to seriously snow. They're already talking about it. We're suppose to get 4 inches and all of this slush we're dealing with right now will turn to solid ice. Clearly there will be no school tomorrow. That is two, count 'em, two days home with my kids. And the big grumpy one will probably have to stay home too. And the amount of solitude I will get in the next two days is zero.

And I need the solitude for some serious hat knitting. I was contacted this weekend by a new shop owner in Fremont who is just about to open up her new store, Willow and Bloom. Apparently she has been shopping and shopping for just the right baby line and thinks I am it. After emailing back and forth a few times and talking with her on the phone, I am really excited to get some hats to her by mid-February. Now I hesitate to tell all of you about this because I'm afraid you may react like my husband did, which was to shake his head and start to mutter to himself. And honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to pull all of this off because I still have this Artist of the Month business for Venue to work on. I am thinking about dropping Happy Delusions. I have 3 months left on my lease, but my stuff is moving so slowly that I don't have to knit much for them. So that sounds like it might relieve some of the stress, but I guess it really won't. But how can I say no to this? This is what I've been working toward, isn't it?.

I have started Leah's convertible mittens, which are adorable. I'm working on a pair of socks for my sister. Cinderella--not touched. My scarf--slowly growing. And then there are the things I want to begin knitting: the Woolly Snowmen, Paton's Must Have Cardigan, my socks, and new baby Blake's what-ever-I-decide-on. I finished one of my convertible mittens, declared it a disaster, made notes of everthing I did wrong, then took it apart. I think I can fit in a few dozen baby hats into this schedule, don't you think?

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Carrie said...

We had between an inch and two inches on the Plateau this morning (at an ungodly hour of 5am), and as I type this it is trying to start again. One minute I look out and it is snow, the next, rain. I hear you on the 2 days home with kids. I was so looking forward to today being that the kids would be back in school. If they are home tomorrow, which I am guessing they will be, it is going to be a long day.