Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday the big story in Seattle was snow. They interrupted our regular programming several times throughout the day to remind us of the impending storm coming our way that evening. They interrupted Ellen (and by the way, her segment on the Hawaii Chair was just about the funniest thing I've seen her do in a long time. It's on her website...)which really annoys me. 4 inches of snow heading right for us. Last night as Mike and I sat watching Two and a Half Men there was a ticker that ran across the bottom of the screen for the entire show reminding us of the snow advisory. At least two different local stations ran special "weather shows" at 9:30 last night to explain the hazardous conditions, show that the Department of Transportation had 100 trucks waiting to sand the roads, how to drive in the snow, which areas will be hit first....

You would think that we would have seen at least one snowflake. At all. IT DID NOT SNOW. It's not like we got less snow. Or that it showed up a little later than expected. It did not snow. What we did get was a big windstorm, which I am experiencing right now. You know, they weren't even close with that one. Even Ted Baxter could have figured this one out.

Honestly, it's like Seattle is the internship for people fresh out of Meteorology School. It's pretty typical for the meteorologists (and I use the term loosely. Just because they assign that title to themselves, doesn't make it true) on each of our local channels to report pretty different forecasts. Mike and I often will look at a few different channels, then average them out. And for a couple of them, I think it's their first tv experience. Really, I don't think the weather is suppose to be goofy. And what is with people submitting pictures of their pets to the weather guy? Why am I looking at someone's kitty playing with a ball of string when I'm trying to plan my outdoor bar-b-que party for the weekend? Once a weather guy gets really good, they leave Seattle and move on to the big leagues where they can accurately predict the weather in Boston. But no one actually moves on to Seattle for this job. That has got to be the walk of shame for weather people.

But as inaccurate as each local channel usually is with the weather, yesterday they were all completely in sync. They were all so so so so wrong, but they were all wrong in the exact same way. It like they all copied their test from the class dunce, thinking he knew the answers. Tip: when you steal the other team's playbook, make sure it's better then what you've got.


Leah said...

I'm sure Jim Foreman was disappointed. He'll have to save his North Face gear for another day.

FWIW, we DID actually get about 3 inches here on Sunday. I was glad there was no school yesterday, but I was also in bed sick the whole day, so I didn't have to do anything.

I was very glad school was on time today - if it's late at all, then Peter's preschool is canceled. I have a big Chinese test today (yes, I'm reading your blog instead of studying, like I should...) and I would never get anything done if Peter were home.

I can actually move today! I feel like I'm only at about 70%, but after how I felt yesterday, just being conscious is good! (I realized I did not even go DOWNSTAIRS yesterday). And the housekeeper comes today. Yes, I'm spoiling myself.

Hopefully tomorrow will just be better! Sorry I can't knit for you - after how my hands felt the last 5 days, I can't imagine EVER being able to knit - I couldn't even hardly type.

Anyway, have a nice day - after the 2 hour late start, of course! ;)

my pink toes

cori said...

Oh Jen, I must contradict your "no snow report". We actually DID get snow between last night and today. However, you would have had to look out your window at around 3am (when I was giving Mason another breathing treatment)! And, it quickly changed to snow/rain mix. ;-)