Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In all my spare time

When I was hired at Cultured Purls Shannon, the owner, explained that any classes they offer are free to me as long as I'm not scheduled to work. A fun perk, and practical, since I truly would like to learn how to knit socks on 2 circular needles as a way to prevent impaling myself again when I toss my half-finished socks into my purse with my size 1 double pointed needles, and then am painfully reminded of them as I dig for my keys.

We have a new instructor, Shiori, at the shop and she is an extremely gifted knitter and teacher. She is teaching a sweater design class and Shannon wanted to make sure all of the employees had a chance to take this class. So she conveniently scheduled the employee class at 8:00 on Saturday mornings. Mara, my manager, made a point of telling me that the class is optional, but since Shannon cheerfully waved to me with a "see you in class!!", I decided it would be in my best interest to go.

After returning from a full day of work, which was preceded by my first 2 hour sweater design class, Mike naively asks "how was your class?"

Me: well, we need to talk about that.

Mike: uh oh

Me: this class is way more than I thought it would be. Half way through the class Shannon started suggesting types of yarn we should select for our sweaters.

Mike: you have to knit a sweater?

Me: apparently

Mike: what about that pattern you just bought? Can't you just use that?

Me: you mean that Paton's Must Have Cardigan pattern that I bought from the Pacific Fabric's going-out-of-business sale for $4.00? I don't think that would go over very well.

Mike: but didn't you buy the yarn for that one already?

Me (thinking to myself): you mean I could have already purchased the yarn for this and he wouldn't have known? Why am I even having this conversation with him?

Me (outloud): no, I bought hat yarn for Venue. And I can't take a class on designing my own sweater and then use a store bought pattern.

Mike: what do you mean you're designing a sweater? I thought that meant you just picked out the color.

Me: I wish. Apparently I have to draw the whole thing from scratch and then actually knit it. And I'm suppose to show up to class next Saturday with my swatch all ready to go.

Mike: why are you taking this class?

Me: because Shannon said "see you in class!"

Mike: and how much is this going to cost?

Me: about $80. Our customers are paying $175, before materials, for this class. So this is a bargain...when I will actually find the time to knit my swatch, let alone design an entire adult sized sweater and then knit it, I don't know. But how do I not actually do this class?

Mike: [mutters something unintelligible and shakes his head as he walks away]

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