Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 4

We're all still alive, although I think Ryan would have liked it better if the 3 of us had taken a vacation and left him in the house alone this week so he could play Super Mario Galaxy undisturbed. Apparently we all breathe too loud and that makes him lose. Many a time has the game been turned off and the Wii controllers removed from his sweaty little palms because of the colossal grumpiness displayed during Super Mario Galaxy.

But you will be happy to know that this morning Ryan beat The Last Bowser and saved Princess Peach. I was hoping that that would mean the end of Super Mario Galaxy until we purchased #2 (we've heard rumors), but never fear--when stars die their dust is released into the galaxy and each dust particle becomes a baby star. It's the circle of life. So you can play the game again with new stars. Whatever. It means nothing to me, but Ryan takes on the intensity of someone who is truly saving the galaxy. I wonder how often Captain Kirk was sent to his room for yelling at Mr. Spock?

On the birthday party front: I have decorations, goodie bags, the cake has been ordered (Safeway does not make a Transformer cake. Of course. I explained to Eric that we would not be going to another grocery store. He found a super awesome Spiderman wall-crawler cake. Done). I have outdoor games if it does not rain, and indoor games if it does.

The house: Certainly not ready for a party. Or even a visit from the neighbors. The laundry is actually washed and folded into baskets. The upstairs bathrooms are clean (and the boy's toilet is broken. As in, we had to turn the water off because the tank won't stop filling with water and starts to overflow. So Mike will have to replace the guts of the toilet tank. In all his spare time). But the living spaces our party guests will actually see? Disaster. I haven't been cleaning because I want to do it as close to the party as possible. Why clean a playroom on Tuesday when I'm going to have to clean it again on Friday night? So now it is Thursday and I have some serious scouring to do.

The garden: We have had unseasonably good weather this week. Spring-like. So my roses have been pruned and about 1/4890 of my weeds have been pulled. I was feeling pretty good about getting a jumpstart on my gardening until I looked across the street at "Todd and Margo". They took a fir tree down on Monday. Took it down, chopped it up, and disposed of the whole thing in about 2 hours. Seriously. They pulled it down right before Mike and the boys left to get haircuts. When they returned a couple hours later, all eveidence of the tree was gone. The last time Mike and I took a tree down it took us about 3 weeks to clean it up. And then "Margo" mowed the lawn. In February. Really? Has your grass even grown? Because mine hasn't.

The knitting: ha ha ha ha ha

I get to work today! You think I'm kidding, but truly I am excited to go to work! I love my job. And it will be my first time alone all week, not counting the 40 minutes I was at Target last night trying to prepare for Lame Birthday Party '08.

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Reluctant Housewife said...

Hi! I was just looking at the blogs on blogflux and your tagline "I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys who knits and avoids housework" caught my eye because I'm a stay at home mom who avoids housework and crochets (I'm all about avoiding the housework... the crochet is a bonus). Then I read about Mario Galaxy and I started to worry we might actually be the same person... My son loves that game. He got it for Christmas from his grandparents. He's beat it too, but is still playing.
Love your knit stuff... especially the cake. I'm glad I found your blog.