Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Update

I am able to blog again, now that the temperature in my house is back to earth standard. The heat wave cometh, and now the heat wave goeth. It has dropped a good 20 degrees and we had the most fantastic thunder storm Friday morning! I am back to being my normally cranky self, rather than the raging cranky demon I become when temperatures rise to the point that my bra becomes seared to my body.

We all survived Day Camp and Ryan is quite disappointed that there is not another week of it. Eric was able to bring home all five of his Bible Buddies and got a new shirt--so he's happy. I had a very successful run as Snack Lady this year, if I do say so myself.

Mike dropped by Venue today and brought them 5 new hats. He also discovered that I've sold 2--tangible proof that at least 2 people in Seattle don't think I'm a complete loser. I believe I'll make some more! But I'm still a little stressed about my current projects vs. future projects--I'm still not done with Gordon's hat, I'm still knitting Peter's birthday gift, I have yet to replenish my Etsy store and I'm only half way done with Cinderella's twin. I need a knitting lounge in m house. Currently I knit in the living room. Our couches are quite comfortable, so it's the best place to knit. I have yarn everywhere and there are kids and husbands everywhere. The knitting is still possible, but I feel like I'm imposing on all of them and everyone is always sidestepping my projects. I'm always distracted and have to put down whatever I am doing about 75 times to draw another picture of Spiderman and his new nemesis, Venom (Eric loves Venom. He talks about him like he's a cuddly little teddy bear or his blanket. He is especially in love with Venom's snake-like tongue and his needle sharp teeth, dripping with saliva. I don't have words to express how I feel about my 4 year old's object of affection. But I'm getting pretty darn good at drawing pictures of him!). I need my own room with a super duper comfortable chair and my own tv with unlimited access to movies and dvds. And the entire collection of I Love Lucy. And then I would be a knitting machine! Mike would tell me that I will get that room all in due time--in my assisted living facility at the rest home.

Yesterday Cori and I made another trip to Flower World, the best nursery in Washington State. We were practically giddy with excitement and squealed when we arrived. I bought 6 dwarf boxwoods for the path off my deck, to frame the cobblestones and irish moss. It looks so adorable I can hardly stand it! I also bought a lily of the nile for $6.99, which was a steal, and some plant with yellow flowers.

And what will today bring? Oh, I'm sure it will be a magical day. Mike and the boys are at the computer making Spiderman comic books and I have a pile of crumbs on the kitchen floor calling my name....

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