Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I Rock!

First of all, I went yarn shopping the other night and bought some long overdue items--Peter's birthday gift, more cupcake materials, etc... I also splurged on a couple of things (try lifesize handknit birthday cake, with swirly frosting! And special lace needles to help me with the bobbles...I COULD NOT leave the store without all of the materials. When I will actually find the time to make this, I have no idea). My total came to $102, which was a bit hard to swallow. As I was about to fork it all over, I remembered that I had some Purl 1 dollars that the store had not sent me yet. Sure enough, I had $50 in points waiting for me!! I got everything for $52. That is one reason I rock.

Today I had my appointment with Venue. I dropped the kids off at my sister's house, and had almost an hour to make my way from North Seattle to Ballard--a 20 minute drive. Good thing I had the entire hour. I got off at the wrong exit, which really was not the wrong exit, but just poor judgement on my part. I got off at the 65th street exit, which is at Green Lake, a 3 mile lake in the middle of the city. And you have to drive around it, obviously, so the streets don't make much sense in that part of town. But not to worry since I grew up there. So I knew exactly where I was and got on the right street, heading in the exact opposite direction of Ballard. And since there are many deadend streets in the Green Lake area, turning around and heading in the correct direction was a bit of a challenge. Ok, so I don't rock when I can't find my way around my hometown, in an area where I spent most of my childhood summers. But there was no one there to see that, so it doesn't count.

I met with the owner of Venue and her assistant and showed them all of my Etsy inventory, including Cinderella They loved the hats and took them all. Seriously. They depleted my inventory! One hat they thought would do better in the fall, but they were willing to put it in their backstock. I decided to take it back home to have something left for Etsy. They then told me I should really make more. They didn't think I had nearly enough. Wow. And then they had the conversation about Cinderella:

Diane: I don't know...

Lovely assistant: It's adorable! Let's take it!

Diane: We don't have any dolls.

Lovely assistant: We could have dolls...

Diane: Ok fine, let's see what happens.

Me: Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee

Driving back up to North Seattle I called Mike to tell him how I ROCK, and mentioned that they want more. Mike told me, actually said the words, out loud, in English "you should stop by the yarn store and get some more supplies". He has never uttered those words in his life. He has never uttered anything close to those words in his life. So I drove like a bat out of hell to the nearest yarn shop to stock up.

And now, I worry. How will I ever find the time to make 162 more hats? I still have Gordon's hat to finish (it actually was finished, but when I tried it on, it didn't cover my ears, and I'm thinking that on bike rides up Mt. Rainier, his ears should be covered. So, I'm altering it a bit), and Peter's birthday party is in mid August. I also have about 52 books to read. That I want to read. That I want to be reading at the same time because I can't make up my mind. Except for our bookclub book. I have not even cracked the spine on that book and bookclub is in 10 days. But no pressure there... And I want to replenish my Etsy store, so I need to make hats for both Venue and Etsy. But which do I make first? And after I bring Venue more hats, what if no one buys them? Ever? I have made 3 trips to the yarn store in the last few days and about $80 of it is hat/cupcake money. What if I've just wasted $80? Can my family eat? Have I just made a complete fool of myself thinking that the general public, wandering aimlessly around Ballard, will stumble upon Venue and spy my baby hats and exclaim with sheer joy "that is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!"

Ah yes, my bliss is short lived. But it usually is. I don't have time to be happy and excited when I have so much work to do!

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