Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No News Is, Well, No News

If you've come here looking for the job update, I'm sorry to disappoint. I have very little news for you. We are still waiting anxiously for a couple of organizations to contact Mike with interview possibilities. I even saw one of my special contacts last week, the day after the application processed closed. We were not in an appropriate place to discuss it, so I erred on the side of caution and did not bring it up. A decision that is killing me right now.

I too am waiting to hear about a couple of things, but I'm not holding my breath.

Yesterday Mike did receive a call from a company we have never heard of before in our lives. They do software training for corporations and private individuals, and they somehow got his name and resume. He has an interview with them this morning. Since this is one of the few jobs he did not actually apply for in the Seattle area, he's not sure what to expect from them or even what the job is. So, this could be fantastic. Or just a chance to make sure his suit still fits. Either way, it's definitely a step in the right direction.

Yesterday was Mike's last day of work, which means today is his first day of being in the house, looking over my shoulder while I type, and showing me a little glimpse of what retirement is going to be like. Mike not working could be hazardous to his health.

In knitting news, I finished Mike's socks! I really do love the Dream in Color Smooshy yarn. It's soft and the colorway is so pretty in person. I also finished the red scarf and I will show it to you if and when I ever get around to blocking it. Both items can be attractive and warm when worn by the recipients. Or can be very useful in strangling an out of work husband who moonlights as a pack rat. Other than that, my knitting news is pretty ho-hum right now.

In fact, it's downright boring compared to what has been going on in the neighborhood lately. On Sunday afternoon the boys were playing outside with Emily-the-neighbor-girl when suddenly a couple of police cars showed up on our street. And the cops started walking up and down the street with giant rifles, ordering everyone inside.

Turns out there were a couple of vicious dogs on the loose and someone called it in. Everyone was to stay inside while these cops searched all the yards for these dogs. The kids were completely fascinated by this and sat in front of the window the entire time, until the cops got a tip that the dogs had moved on to a different street.

I never did hear a gun shot. And we never received any kind of confirmation on whether or not they actually found the dogs. So between the deer that eat my roses, the creature that knocked over my birdbath and broke it in half, and these dogs, it sounds like I should start packing heat.

And now it is time in our program for something completely unrelated: the other day at work I noticed Shannon working with some new sock yarn that I had never seen before. Turns out she used a Louet Hand Dying Kit to dye her own yarn. Now, I have never had a desire to dye my own yarn. I don't understand how it is done and, frankly, it just looks like a daunting task. Until Shannon explained it to me. She dyed her sock yarn to be self striping, and it actually worked. She explained to me what a warping board is, which I believe now I must own, and suddenly it all became crystal clear. It was amazing! And so easy! I have to do this. HAVE TO. I have to dye my own sock yarn.

Granted, I have no money to do this. No money and no time. So really, this is a cruel trick because now I have something else to add to my list of things to fix, replace, and buy when my husband get a full time job. But I am so completely entranced by this idea and the fact that it is truly easy to do. I'm already making a mental list of people who will be getting hand dyed socks from me. Of course, they'll be receiving them when I'm 60, but a girl can dream, can't she?

That's all from here. Keep the prayers coming for Mike--not only for a job, but for his safety, should this take a while. Remember, I'm packing heat.


Kristin said...

Really do appreciate the updates! I check regularly see what's happening on the job and knitting front. And I was wondering what the story was with the vicious dogs I read about on Mike's FB status. Glad to get the lowdown on that one. Sending daily (and sometimes hourly) prayers up for you both!

Linda said...

Thanks hon, ditto as to what Kristin said. I am sooo disappointed when your blog date is the same date from the previous read... :-)

Jane said...

Just checking in to see how things are going. Happy to hear Mike has an interview. Good luck with that. Socks look good too.