Thursday, April 16, 2009

I survived Spring Break

Spring Break: Yes, I lived to tell about it. I was actually able to pick up a few extra hours at work, with the husband at home full time and all, and in the end we all did survive.

On Thursday of last week I took the boys and Emily-the-neighbor girl to Seattle Center for Whirlygig. They turn the Center House into a giant bounce house for about 3 weeks each spring and it's very expensive. Except on Thursdays when it is free. All three kids ran around the Center House in their socks for hours (blech) and stood in lines that were often longer than the end result. I took that golden opportunity to explain that the boredom they were experiencing is the exact same boredom found in the long long lines at Disneyland. The looks on their crestfallen faces has definitely bought me some time on the whole Disneyland issue.

We then walked over to the Fountain, which Emily and Eric had never seen. And they were fascinated. Completely enraptured by it. In fact, Eric declared that his next birthday party is going to be at the Fountain. Which it is so not going to be since his birthday is in February. But we have 10 whole months to forget about that dream.

The Job Search: Next topic. No, really, there is nothing to tell you about. Really. I have nothing to report. Zip. Mike continues to apply for jobs in numbers higher than I can count. He is continuing to network and schmooze and all that and it is getting us NOWHERE. We have a friend who really wanted to help us with our resumes and, clearly, mine needed much help. In fact, I want a do-over for all the jobs for which I have already applied since I clearly sent them the wrong resume. Aaaccckkk! Our friend has been incredibly helpful and has made me completely paranoid about each and every potential employer who has our incorrect, uninformative, loser resumes.

The Knitting: I finished the Raha Scarf from Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia for someone very special. I used some Jaeger Matchmaker 4 ply merino from my stash, and I have to say it turned out very well. And I'm cracker jack at counting to 27 since I have now done that about 8567954 times.

I have one sock from about 4 different pairs and I'm trying to finish up my mom's Druid Mittens by Mother's Day (don't worry--she never reads this. No. Really. She never reads my blog. She keeps forgetting I have it). My knitting is rather unexciting these days, but it keeps me out of trouble

The Neighbors: With the spring weather finally finally finally here, the boys have spent a ton of time with the neighbor kids. They simply adore Emily and Daniel and see them almost every day. And on the other side we have 5 year old Connor. Eric and Connor are good buds and their conversations are filled with all things Pokemon and Bakugan. Connor loves being with the boys, and is the kid we always see peeking in our windows to see if we are home. Connor is the kid I found eating breakfast with the boys one day last summer when I wasn't paying attention. And Connor is the kid who apparently came over yesterday afternoon to play. When he opened our back door he discovered we weren't home. So apparently, just to make sure of that, he checked all of our bedrooms. And then went down to the kitchen, made himself a snack, and then went back home. I found this out today when his dad, Keith, came over to apologize for something I knew nothing about until he told me. And maybe my attitude about this is all wrong, but it just makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

That's all for now from job hunting headquarters. Pretty dull. Assuming we still have electricity, I'll write again soon.


Tiff said...

That story about Connor is amazing. Amazing. I think your attitude about it is right on.

cori said...

OK, I absolutely LOVE Connor and haven't even met him. Hilarious!

Jane said...

Hilarious story!

Reluctant Housewife said...

That is so funny. What did he made himself for a snack?

Pokemon and Bakugan are what my kids talk about with their friends, too. Also Ben 10.