Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Fun, It Never Seems To End...

Hello faithful readers. I'm back. Taking a break from the job search to give you an update on how little else is happening in this house right now (except for Eric, who is doing some serious reorganizing of his Pokemon cards, so at least something important is being accomplished around here).

And here is what I've discovered. Mike and I studied all the wrong things in college. Because 20 years later his Marketing degree and my English degree are doing neither of us any good (well, to be fair, I think we all knew that English degree was never going to take me places). In doing my daily job searches, it appears that nursing, occupational therapy, and anything ending in -ology is where the jobs are. You know, there are some jobs you can fake and embellish on your resume. Urology is not one of them. And by the way, I find it a little bit disconcerting that there are notices for Neurologists, right next to part time bank tellers and cashiers at K-Mart. Do they really need to advertise for Neurologists on job boards? I kind of assumed that something like that would be part of a closer circle. Like rocket science. Or UN delegate. Can I really just submit my resume and write in "Neurologist" when they ask which job I'm applying for?

Here is what we know: Mike's job is ending in a few days. And he has applied for roughly 5 kazillion jobs. There are a choice few that he is very very excited about. We have contacts at these jobs, we've been told very unofficially that he has a good chance, but as of yet, no interviews have been scheduled. And as much as I would like to call each of these places and go over my calendar and pile of bills with them, I'm thinking that may hurt Mike's chances a bit. I would bake each of them a plate of cookies, but you know how much I hate baking cookies.

I've applied for a fair amount of jobs as well. Not nearly as many as Mike, but I have been applying when it makes sense. Yesterday I found pretty much the job of my dreams and I did apply for it. I know my chances are slim to none, but I truly think I'm qualified, and it's a part-time-work-from-home-on-the-internet (and don't worry mom, the company is legit) job that would be so perfect it makes me ache. I could stay home with Eric, keep my Cultured Purls job, and earn some more much needed cash. With my luck these days, I'm sure I'll never hear from them again, but in the off chance that every other applicant falls off the face of the earth, I think I may have a shot.

How did the craft show go, you ask? Well, I pretty much sold nothing. My loss is Willow & Blooms gain and I will have a healthy pile of hats for them tomorrow. And how is the knitting coming? Well, remember the update I gave you last week? You can review that for a current update.

My plans for today include finishing up two more hats for Willow & Bloom, taking Eric to the library to pick up some Junie B Jones First Grader books, since we're just finishing up the kindergarten series, picking Ryan and his best bud Zach up from school for a play date, and then trying to find more jobs that don't involve blood or other bodily fluids. Because I can't think of a worse job right now than a Phlebotomist. Unless it's a Urologist.

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