Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update from the Castle

So, I'm giving you all an update. Not that I feel like writing about how much my life sucks right now, but I do have a couple of people who actually read this. And if I want you to continue reading my blog, I should probably update it every now and then.

But I haven't felt much like writing these last few weeks because my life is all consumed with helping my husband find a job. And, as Plan B, finding a full time job for myself (but you know what I've discovered about that? When you've been out of the corporate world for 9 years, you're not qualified for much. There is software people expect you to use that I've never even heard of before! And when I WAS working, I was making a fraction of Mike's salary. So I don't see myself getting a 6 figure salary offer anytime soon. I mean, when I left my last job, I was making about $34,000. Would someone pay me even close to that now when I've done nothing to hone my skills in the last 9 years? So, yes, I'm looking for myself, but let's be real about this...).

My book group is meeting tomorrow night to discuss the book I selected. I have about 300 pages to go to finish this book. My book. I'm doing a small craft show on Sunday (yes, this Sunday) that I am ill-prepared for. The woman running it was so sweet and offered to sell my hats for me since I have to work at the shop. And she is a friend of Mike's cousin Audrey. So I want to do this. But I should probably have some hats for her to sell. Hats that I have knit. Which involves spending time knitting them. And none of this is working out because I spend every waking moment looking for jobs.

And I'm spending all this time because Mike is still employed through the end of the month, so he has no time to search for job. So I spend hours finding jobs, email them to Mike, and then he reviews them in the evenings. It's a fun little system we have. Only it's not fun. My house is not getting cleaned, my children are not getting cleaned, emails are not returned, lever shocks are not being sold (well, to be fair, I'm still selling them. It's just that no one is buying them), and--now brace yourself--the knitting is suffering. Yes folks, as talented as I am, I have a hard time knitting cupcake hats and using the mouse at the same time. Apparently that is I where I have to draw the line.

And, to add insult to injury, that annoying know-it-all Dr. Nancy Snyderman from the Today show informed America today that women who drink wine are going to get cancer and die. Apparently men can drink all they want, but women who drink wine will get cancer and die. I hate her. AND Matt Lauer was absent today. See, my life sucks.

My life is so bad right now, I'm actually watching The Golden Girls. I Love Lucy had the 1:00-2:00 time slot on the Hallmark channel, which made my life bearable. I watch Lucy while knitting hats, and then MASH (I'm not a bum people, but knitting does involve sitting down, so I might as well watch some fun tv while I'm at it), and then I pick the kids up from the bus. But the Hallmark Channel has replaced Lucy with The Golden Girls. And since there is nothing else on, including my local ABC affiliate STILL, I have succumbed. I blame Dr. Nancy Snyderman. She is a killjoy and I'm pretty sure she moonlights at the Hallmark Channel, as President In Charge Of Bad TV.

How many jobs has Mike applied for this month? Oh, about a kazillion. He's lunching, he's coffee-ing, he's Linked In-ing, he's Facebook-ing. He actually does have a couple of jobs he is very very excited about and we've done some major networking to give him an edge for those jobs. And now we wait.....Let's just hope Dr. Nancy Snyderman is not involved.


Jane said...

Oh, you poor soul. Try to hang on in there. I know it's hard. I'm really praying that Mike will land one of those jobs. In the meantime, you're doing what you have to right now and that's what matters.

Susie said...

Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. I hope everything works out for you guys.