Monday, August 4, 2008


I don't even know where to begin. Finishing my sweater seems to have had a freeing effect on me. I suddenly am New Project Crazy, which is a little scary because I actually didn't gain any time by finishing that sweater. I still have a kazillion baby hats to knit and I still have a big messy pile of unfinished projects. And yet I'm crazy with the new ideas. Crazy, I tell you!

Turns out that the Alice Starmore book, Aran Knits, that I want to use for Mike's sweater, is a hot commodity. It is a rare book, out of print, and currently going for $200 or more on Ebay. She still has some of the most stunning and compelling patterns out there and there is a side of me that wants it all the more, knowing that it can only be found on the black market (apparently she had a big falling out with her publisher and so, while her books were, and still are, wildly popular, they are no longer printable). I have it on reserve at the library, but so do 34 other people. For one copy. And so while I am still coveting the Irish Moss pattern, I'm not sure it is meant to be. In the meantime I have also discovered this brand new book, A Fine Fleece. I was able to sit at Barnes and Noble yesterday and peruse it. You have no idea the willpower involved in placing this book back on the shelf. Must Knit Every Item In Book. Including a fabulous sweater for Mike that they made out of Cascade 220. It is perfect in every way. Must. Have.

At the same time, I have narrowed the finalists for Baby Blake's sweater down to 2. This precious Trellis cardigan, or

this adorable cabled hoodie. I can't decide. They are both too darling for words. Tiffy--your thoughts?
And if that were not enough, I realize that it's time for me to start on Ryan's Harry Potter sweater. If he is going to have it for the late fall and winter, I should probably start now. And so I have. I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash, so it is both economical (only $29 with my discount!) and practical. But of course, after I made a sweater with a giant R, I will then have to make one with a giant E.

I've started on Leah's felted bag....
and I'm also close to being done with one yoga sock (her Panda Silk project was suppose to be a surprise, until Caroline spilled the beans. Of course, I should take some responsibility for not actually telling Caroline it was a surprise).

and then there are the fingerless gloves I am making for Emily out of my beloved Sublime Baby Silk Cashmerino.

On top of all that, I have about 2/3 of Linda's 2nd sock to go and both Caroline and Ellie have selected special sock yarn for new socks.

Yes, this is my knitting To Do list. Maybe To Do isn't the right title for the list. It should be Things Jen Really Wants To Knit. Because To Do is reserved for tasks like sweater design classes, cupcake hats, the laundry (we have so much laundry right now that Mike accidentally brought down a basket full of folded clean laundry, thinking it was dirty. I finally had to explain that clean laundry is in the giant unfolded heap on the right. Dirty laundry is in the giant unfolded heap on the left. I DO have a system).

And so how am I spending my morning? Certainly not working off either of my overwhelming and insurmountable lists. Instead I'll spend the morning taking pictures and blogging about it.

This may not be the best time to tell you that these are just my current projects. I'll save the list of Cardigans Jen Must Make For Herself Before She Dies for another post.


Leah Smith said...

The hoodie! The hoodie! The hoodie! (Almost) worth having another baby for!

Thanks for knitting me all the cool stuff, Jen! I'm so excited!

my pink toes

Meghan said...

I vote for the hoodie! And you need to add Harry sweaters for Jack & Thornley to your list too :)

Linda said...

THe hoodie has Gma's vote!!! :)