Friday, August 15, 2008


I made 8 baby hats this week. 8. Eight. EIGHT. I was a machine this week. I was knitting non-stop. But I was able to get some much needed inventory to both Venue and Willow & Bloom. And now I have a couple of days to knit anything I want.

I finished up the Mother-In-Law's socks and am ready to send them off to Michigan. The woman goes through socks like you would not believe. Many of my handknit socks are older than any of Linda's, and yet she has utterly destroyed her socks. All of my socks are perfectly fine. I have no idea where she is wearing these socks and/or what she is doing with them, but she wears through the soles until they completely disintegrate. Which is the biggest compliment you can give a sock knitter. I'm still wondering what in the world she does with them to destroy them so completely, but I'm always happy to knit her a new pair, and nothing brings a knitter greater sastisfaction than to see their work being so fully enjoyed.

I've also started on Leah's Noni bag. Right now it's 50 rows of brown knitting, but soon I will get to make lime green sparkley flowers. Hee hee...

I'm finishing up Emily's fingerless gloves and it is taking all of my strength to not start on Ellie's Cascade Fixation socks. But I have admitted to myself that I have started way way way too many projects, even for me, and it would do me good to complete a few of them before starting yet another new project.

So I still owe Leah one more yoga sock, I'm close to shaping the shoulders for the back of Ryan's Harry Potter sweater, and it's probably a blessing in disguise that Caroline's sock yarn is still on order. Because I still have baby hats to knit. Lots and lots of baby hats! It's 100 degrees here today (literally, 100 degrees. After I finish typing this post I'm going to wring out my bra. At dinner Mike and our neighbor, Keith, were both talking about how nice it would be to have a sauna. I had to do a double take when they said this. "But we're in a sauna right now!". To which Mike responded "but in a sauna you can be naked") and people are buying up the knit baby hats like tomorrow is Christmas morning.

The orders are coming in, the hats are going out....things are hopping here at The Knitting Queen headquarters.

I'd like this post to be more inspired, but my keyboard is beginning to melt. As am I.

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cori said...

What about Martini's halloween sweater?