Thursday, November 8, 2007

Now I'm Delusional

Lately Mike and I have been joking that, when Eric grows up, he would like to be retired. He wants to skip the productive portion of his life and settle into a life of leisure (I do feel compelled to tell you that despite his best efforts, Eric is quite bright. He draws exceptionally well for a 4 year old, loves to write, and the other day he did Ryan's math homework. Seriously. Eric did a 2nd grade math worksheet and got all but one of the answers correct. I find his brain to be a little frightening. I can only imagine what he would be capable of should he choose to actually put forth some effort into something). He wears pajamas on his non-school days and has been into "reading" the paper. Eric loves the newspaper. We get the Renton Reporter delivered once a week and it always goes right to Eric. He thumbs through it, colors on all the pages--he gets more out of that paper than we ever do. Until now.

Yesterday the Reporter came and Eric left it lying on the couch unattended for a moment. I noticed a front page article on a new shop in downtown Renton called Happy Delusions. When he wasn't looking I tossed the paper in my purse on our way out the door to preschool, to read when I actually had a moment alone. Happy Delusions is a new artisan shop for crafters. In Renton. I live in Renton. I couldn't believe it. Here was the shop I had been looking for. I met Mike for coffee (Mike has "offices" at several Starbucks and Tulley's all over the greater Eastside) and we talked about it and ran the numbers--if I can sell more than 4 hats a month, I would be more profitable than I am at Venue. So I ditched him and raced down to Happy Delusions.

Happy Delusions is located in the old part of downtown Renton. There has been a revitalization of this part of town in recent years and this particular area is full of antique shops, little book stores, the boys' comic book shop, little breweries, etc...Happy Delusions is actually next to the tattoo parlor, but from what I understand, it's one of your nicer tattoo parlors. I went in, checked it out, met Mary the owner, and discovered that even though they have a few baby things, they really don't have much. When I explained what I do, Mary told me that is exactly what their shop needs! She only had a few open spaces left, but the one I want is right in front, just as you walk in the door.

So this morning a pajama-clad Eric and I are going down to Happy Delusions to sign my lease and drop off a bunch of inventory and business cards.

Am I taking on too much? Yep. I am delusional? Always. But this is such a great opportunity. How can I pass up this chance that is just a few miles from my house?

Happy Delusions opens in 2 hours. I am going to need that time to gather my things, tag them, write an inventory list, and convince Eric to put on clean underwear. Wish me luck!


Meghan said...

I forgot to tell you that yesterday at school we had newspaper covering the table so we could paint, and Eric wanted to know what we were going to do with the paper at the end of the day. He thought maybe he could take it home with him. I think he was upset when I said we needed to leave it for the afternoon class.
Perhaps for his birthday I'll get him a subscription to the Seattle Times.

Penny said...

Congrats Jen! I hope it works out really well for you. I like that I can read your blog every day. It makes me feel like I'm not so far away!

Leah said...

ooh - how exciting!! I can't wait to see how it goes.