Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My cup runneth over...all over the floor

I did something quite spontaneous last night. I had no time for this, or money, but I sure had fun! Meghan and I went to the Seahawks game. A friend at church works for the Seahawks and called Meghan yesterday asking if she wanted four tickets. I was at Meghan's house when Ronda called and I was joking that Mike and I would take them. There was no way Mike and I could go together and I knew that Ronda really wanted to give the tickets to a pastor's family (Meghan's husband is our youth pastor). Bummer for me--none of the pastors were able to go. So the tickets ended up with Meghan. Both Mike and Adam sent us off to the game with their blessings, and we took my sister Caroline and her husband Jeremy with us.

This was the Monday Night Football game of the week, so the crowd was insane. And I always forget how different the NFL crowd is from a MLB crowd until I get there. NFL crowd--all men. This is evident from the way they "wait in line" getting off the freeway (we were cut off countless times. It's as if our car was invisible), to the way they "wait in line" to get in. And it is very clear that Qwest Field was designed by men. The few signs that are posted inside the stadium are completely useless. Signs pointing to elevators that were non-existent (we decided it must be like Platform 9 3/4, and clearly we didn't know the magic words) and the complete lack of directional signs. We had passes to the Club Level and could not find our way to the Club. We had to ask 3 different people. Honestly, I don't know how all the people who were in the club found their way in. And then we couldn't find our way back out to get to our seats. No signs. Zero.

Near the end of the game (in which we were witness to the couple in front of us making out in between bouts of the girl applying chapstick to her boyfriend's lips) we decided to leave to get a jump on vacating our $40 parking spot (Caroline and Jeremy found a free spot, but it was a mile away and they had a pay a homeless person to move). We could not find our way out. We just kept walking in circles looking for an exit sign or a stairwell. We finally found a closed door with a little sign that said "stairs". We went down the stairs onto the street, only to be told, by a man, that we weren't allowed to exit there. Seriously?! We are actually out of the stadium and you're telling us we did it wrong? So he sent us through a door and told us to take a couple of lefts, then we would be near our parking garage.

He sent us into the employee locker room. We were completely lost, wandering around the employee locker room, complaining out loud that we were totally lost, and not one person stopped to question us. We finally found our way out of there and ended up in the bowels of Qwest Field. We walked right past the entrance the players use to run onto the field. Again, we're wandering aimlessly, looking and sounding completely lost, and not one person questioned us. We walked right past a security office, full of security guards who did not notice us at all. No one questioned us when we walked past the player's parking lot, or when we ended up in the loading dock with the ESPN trucks. We knew that wasn't right, and finally found an open doorway to the street.

Again, we were immediately stopped and told we could not exit there. We just looked at her incredulously and said "We just want to leave! How do we get out?!". Her response: "Well you can't go this way". "No, really, we're wandering aimlessly around here and there are NO SIGNS. Can't you tell us how to get out?". "You'll have to go through the loading dock".

So that's what we did. Walked through the loading dock until we found our way to the street. Zero security, zero signs. Meghan and I are contemplating writing a letter to Qwest Field suggesting that they use a portion of the $16.50 we were each charged for a hotdog and beer to purchase a couple of exit signs.

As fun as that adventure was, it did put me further behind in my knitting. Last Friday I brought 8 hats to Anna, who sold 6 of them on Saturday. On Sunday she emailed me, tripling her order. You think I'm kidding. She just placed an order for 20 more hats. And Venue has also emailed me asking for more Candy Cane stocking caps and Viking hats. And I am honestly trying to see how many hats I can knit by Friday. This is gift buying season and Saturdays are big shopping days. Let's see....today is Tuesday....

I have to stop writing about this now before you all start to figure out how truly insane I am.

And I have just 7 months to figure out the absolutely perfect thing to knit for Mike's sister Tiffany's new baby!

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