Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Ryan came to me yesterday morning, unable to get dressed for school because all he could find to wear was a pair of football pants and some old sweats. Do you think maybe I should reconsider my priorities if I've forgotten to do laundry this week?

This is my desk. It is NOT representative of the rest of my house, but I have allowed it to become the receptacle for all things that don't have a good home. Also, after spending the day picking up after all of these people, the last thing I want to do is clean my desk, which is tucked away in a back corner of the house, behind the playroom. However, I'm noticing that it is beginning to take on a life of it's own.

Currently residing on this desk is a birthday party blower, a cake recipe, a broken stapler (which is next to Ryan's stapler, which I swiped from his desk), mail-in election ballots which I forgot to complete (and yesterday was election day. Oops), knitting patterns, clothing catalogs, a swim lessons schedule for a pool where we do not take swimming lessons, a coloring book, various lists, the manual for my broken vacuum cleaner (I guess that should save me some time, since I can't vacuum right now), my camera case.....clearly all very important items that belong on a desk. The other day I was tearing this pile of crap apart looking for the notes Leah wrote me on using HTML code to add pictures to my blog. It took me several minutes to realize that I had tacked it up on the memo board behind my computer, for easy access. Again, I'm wondering if I need to rethink how I'm spending my time.

On the flip side, I have 7 hats ready for Anna, one pair of bumble bee booties, and a half a pair of duck flippers and minnie mouse booties. And I did make dinner last night.

I can just hear the conversation between my kids and their therapists, which I have no doubt they will need by the time I am through with them : "I never had clean underwear and my mom could never seem to find a working ball point pen, but boy could she knit a mean cupcake hat!"


michael_keene said...

Oh, so maybe "Getting Things Done" is not such a bad idea after all!


Love You!
Mike (The Husband)

Leah said...

Mail-in ballots that you forgot?
For shame! :)

And Mike, I think she's Getting Lots of Things Done....they just all have to do with knitting. :)