Wednesday, June 6, 2007

That Darn Cat

I am sanitizing my bedding for the second time in 24 hours this morning. Truly, I am at my wit's end.

Yesterday I put our waterproof pad on the bed and Alice was able to find an unprotected spot and peed on it. Everything was finally washed and we remade the bed at 11:30 last night (I'll give credit where credit is due--I was asleep on the couch and Mike remade the bed). This morning Eric came in to snuggle a bit and then told me that my bed was stinky. I woke up enough to determine that, sure enough, Alice the 15 year old passive aggressive neurotic cat had struck again sometime in the middle of the night.

Mike and I had a brief conversation this morning, which involved me ranting "what are we going to do?!!? I can't take this any longer!!!!" and Mike falling into a complete panic over the thought of wrestling Alice into the car and transporting her to the vet ("she'll pee all over my car!" This is true). We had a moment when we talked about making her an outdoor cat and then got a good laugh out of that. Mike did a pretty good imitation of Puss N Boots from Shrek, pouting at the back door with his huge eyes saying "what the hell?....." And then he instructed me to research her problem on the internet. Research what? Any sound advice I'm going to get will tell me to take her to the vet. Mike is in such denial of this, but it's true. She has been a very healthy cat up until now and has not been to the vet for years (judge all you want, but I'm not going to take a perfectly healthy indoor cat to the vet knowing the mental and emotional damage all involved will suffer). And any vet I call is going to tell me that the first step in solving this problem is a visit to the vet. I do not disagree with this. In fact, I whole heartedly agree with this. It is convincing Alice of this that is the issue.

I firmly believe it is Alice's wish that our entire family move away and leave her the house. I have such fond memories of Alice in her younger years when she was a sweet and lovable companion. It is that memory that is keeping her alive right now. If she were human she would be one of those cranky old ladies who orders everyone around and points to things with her cane while telling all of us that we're too loud. If she were human we'd be researching rest homes.

Instead I researched at home health care for animals and found a vet who makes house calls. I have left a message and am hoping we can make an appoitment with this service. I fully expect this to cost an arm and a leg, but can we really put a value on never putting Alice in the car ever again?!!

*******Recent update*******Alice just peed on Ryan's floor. I discovered this around the time I discovered that I've been knitting that damn neopolitan sock with 2 different sized needles. I am no longer knitting that sock. I also discovered that I actually do own a pair of size 2 16" circular needles. Would have been good to know before buying a pair to start on Gordon's hat. And the size 3 needle I've been using with the size 4 on those socks--the rest of the 3's are missing. I have 1 size 3 and 4 size 4's. It's like there is a knitting needle black hole in my house. I think I may take that one useless size 3 needle and implale my cat.

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Gordon said...

My dad had the same problem with their cat when it got older. They took it to the vet several times but it just got worse. The only solution was to put it to sleep. It was a hard decision for them but the cat was peeing all over the house (not in the bed with them in it YUK). To take the cat to the vet you need to put it in a cat carrier, you can get a cardboard one for a few bucks.

Take Care,


PS: I saw that you mentioned my hat a few times, remember there is no pressure to get it done soon since we are moving into summer now, so don’t let it stress you out. Sorry to hear you had to purchase new needles.