Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Got A Facelift

Big changes around here! First of all, you can see that my blog has gotten a facelift! That is courtesy of my dear dear friend Leah, of My Pink Toes. Leah is very savvy with all things internet-y and I am not (which should be apparent to any one who has ever read my blog). In fact, read her post I Am A Maven. It will explain it all. (Leah, I just need to point out to you that I finally figured out how to do a hyperlink without actually typing out the entire URL. Something I'm sure you knew how to do since you were 5. But I'm quite pleased with myself that I can actually link to your site and do it like a professional blogger. Of course, I feel a little dumb that all it took was clicking on a little button right in front of me...). Leah has been my biggest cheerleader for, not only my blog, but also my knitting and knitting business ventures. She is encouraging, knowledgeable, helpful, and honest.

So apparently, unbeknownst to me, Leah has been dreaming of ways to take my blog to the next level. The other night Mike emailed her to ask about the RSS thing and how he could subscribe to my blog. That was the opener Leah had been waiting for. She very politely asked if she could make a few changes to my blog. My response? HAVE AT IT!! I gave her my login and password (you know you have a true best friend when you can give them your passwords and not even think twice about it!) and what you now see before you is ALL LEAH. She did that cool Flickr thing at the top, made the font for me, RSS'd me...anything you see that is different and better--Leah. I've been telling her she should take her show on the road. If you agree with me, let her know!

In knitting news, I heard from Venue today! Ok, so they don't hate me. In fact, they rather like the baby hats and I have an appointment with them on Tuesday to bring my stuff in to be inventoried and officially consigned to them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the boys yet. Venue doesn't want my plush cupcakes. I was kind of prepared for that because Mike had warned me that another artist was already selling some. But what really surprised me is that they don't want Cinderella! I specifically asked the owner about it because Cinderella was not mentioned in the email. Nope, not really their thing. Hmmmm...I'm going to bring it anyway. Perhaps they won't be able to resist her charms once they meet her in person.

Other exciting knitting news--I'm going to the yarn store today! I know that seems strange to be that excited to go yarn shopping, but it actually is kind of a big deal. Yarn is expensive. Yarn accessories are expensive. I don't let myself go to the yarn shop very often because I don't often have yarn money. And now that I have the kids with me all day, going to the yarn shop during the week day is not an option. At all. That would be a mistake of such monumental proportions.....But today I have the money, a husband who is giving me time before my pastoral search committee meeting, and a list. A triple threat. And now that I'm depleting my Etsy stock, I'll need more yarn to to make more inventory. It's a vicious cycle.

And lastly, I just have to mention a new blog that I learned of through Leah (Leah the Maven, that is). It is called Looky,Daddy! and is written by a stay-at-home-dad to a 7 year old and 2 year old twins. I have had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. You just have to read him. Leah sent a post to us the other night and Mike and I laughed so hard, we then spent the next hour reading more Looky,Daddy! posts. The next day I put my kids in front of the tv so I could read more. He's that good.


Leah said...

It was sincerely my pleasure!
I'm taking your suggestion and am working on a Etsy store. I think I may even try to sell some cocktail books! Do you think they would sell?

Thanks for the props, and for believing in me and supporting me in my endeavors, too!

And I knew Venue would love you!! Who wouldn't? ;)

knittingqueen said...

Yea!!! I just know you'll get some business on your banners. Remember the one I did? And my old ugly blog? There are a lot of us out there...

And yes, definitely try the cocktail books!