Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Super Soakers

Did I mention how much we love Emily the neighborgirl and her family? Last evening the boys were running around on the deck and they were suddenly blasted with water from the other side of the fence. And Walter was practically cackling over there. He had bought his kids these giant water-blaster things that apparently they needed to try out. My boys sprang into action with their super soakers! Eric was already in Superhero mode, wearing his Spiderman costume, so he was ready for action!

In Etsy news, I made another cupcake that was purchased by the same person. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic...and plan to make some more cupcakes! Gordon, you won't need your hat until November. Apparently it's cupcake season!


Frank said...
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Gordon said...

Congrats on the cupcake sales! I am riding up Mt. St. Helens tomorrow and the forecast is for SNOW at the top. Nice treat now that it is officially summer I bet I sure will be wishing for a nice warm wool hat.... no worries I will have to make do with one of those inferior man made fabrics.

Umm what up with Frank wanting a picture of your computer desk?