Thursday, June 4, 2009

Global Warming Is Trying To Kill Me

Hi People. Short blog today. It is approximately 1 million degrees out and my brain can't function when I am on fire. Seattle was never meant to be over 75 degrees. When Seattle was invented the highs were 75 and a little overcast. I don't know whose idea it was to crank it up to 90+ this week, but it was unauthorized, I assure you. When I find out who did this, I am writing a letter to their manager. 95 in June is just flat out UNACCEPTABLE. Do you hear that? UNACCEPTABLE. We don't have air conditioning because we live in Seattle. Which means my newest form of exercise is running around the house at 7:00 am and opening up all the windows while it is still below 85 (and I know there are those of you out there who prescribe to the "make your house into a cave by shutting all the blinds and pretending no one is home when someone knocks on the door" theory. We can't do that because we don't have blinds on all our windows. If I shut all my windows and hid behind the couch like you do, I would just fry like an ant under a magnifying glass).

Here's a quick recap of life at the castle:

--Today is Mike's job interview. In about 8 minutes. It is 105 degrees out and he is wearing wool gabardine pants, a wool blazer, and a tie. Blech. Good thing the interview is at 9, before he has time to melt.

--Ellie's Koolhaas hat is really fun. I would take a picture but that involves me getting up and finding my camera. More physical energy than I am capable of right now.

--Now that I have defiled my garden with deer netting, there has been zero evidence of deer. Of course. But you know I can't take it down because the second I do they will all make a beeline for my yard and start pushing and shoving for a place at the front of the line. Much like a certain kindergarten class I know.

It is suppose to rain this weekend, which makes me practically giddy with excitement. Perhaps I'll be able to write more then, when my fingers are no longer fused to a melted keyboard.

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Jane said...

It's been unbelievable. We're sweltering with no air con too. No one bothers me though because they think I'm not at home (the house has blinds!)