Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He gets it from his mother

This is an essay written by Ryan in its unedited form. I found it in a pile of papers he brought home from school yesterday. Bad parents that we are, never have we laughed so hard. And yet it's a little frightening that even in his writing, Ryan takes after me. Only Ryan can write about his favorite day in a way that makes it seem like torture.

Easter Sunday
Have you ever took an hour just trying to get home from a ferry line in Whidbey Island? I have. It's not much fun. That is what happened at the end of the story.

This is what happend first. First I packed up about a million things to go to my grandparent's house in Whidbey Island. We went there because it was Easter. We drove from Renton all the way to the Ferry Boat close to Seattle. When we got off the boat we took about five minutes getting to my grandparents house.

Next we got in and ate lunch. For lunch we had baken, orange juice, and cinnamen roles. I loved the cinnamen roles!

Then, my cousins came. We all said hello. The worsed part of it was this: haircuts. It was a good thing I didn't get my hair too short! All my cousins , my brother, and I played hide-and-seek. When we finished playing Hide-and-Seek, my cousins and I got out swim suits on and jumped into my grandparent's hot tub. It was very fun!

Last, like I said it is very boring sitting in the car waiting to get on the ferry boat. Luckily my family got to see my cousins on the boat! We went outside and watched the boat move.

That was my favorite Easter Sunday.

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