Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekend Update

We survived the barn sale. We spent much of the 4th setting up, and then we were up and at 'em by 6:30 in the morning to prepare for the day. Everything went exactly as I predicted.

My mom left many items unpriced. I had teased her, yelled at her scolded her, cajoled her...and yet throughout the day people kept coming up to pay for items that were unpriced. Items like vintage linens. Not nice enough to be sold in her shop, but clearly worth more than a quarter. Mike declared our section of the barn "Jackie's Dollar Store" and sold every unpriced item for $1.00. And since her phone was indeed turned off when I tried to call her in the shop, I wholeheartedly supported his decision. When she came to check in with us hours later, we explained that we didn't think she was making very much at her Dollar Store. She did laugh at that, which was better than her reaction earlier that morning when she thought the coffee pot wasn't working and preceded to yell at my dad, who was not actually on the property at that time, because none of his extension cords were working, when in actuality it was the light on her coffee pot which was not working.

She did manage to iron her outfit for the sale. She ironed her outfit for the barn sale.

These sales are amazing. We had 6 vendors on the property, all good friends of my parents, and people came in droves. Which gave my dad ample opportunity to talk about his tractors, his tomato plants, vintage gas pump, Airstream, the remodel job on the house, and the Geiger counter that he sold for $20.

My mom was a little disappointed that she only made $1000 (think of how Mike and I felt about the $106 we made) since 2 years ago she made over $3000. She also got me thinking about buying her spare antique chicken incubator to transform into a kitchen island, since her friend Karen has one in her house and it is ADORABLE and my current kitchen island is hideous. An eyesore. I loathe it. And yes, I did say spare chicken incubator. Giving a couple of antique dealers 6 acres in which to house their treasures is a dangerous thing.

I got quite a bit of knitting done that weekend. I made good progress on the sweater sleeve, made 2 baby hats, and am now 2/3 of the way done with the first sock for Mike's mom.

We arrived home at 8:00 Saturday night, after waiting in the ferry line for 90 minutes and I immediately started on the laundry. I hope to fold it one of these days.

I did manage to putter in my garden for a few moments and was able to put this together. I never ceases to amaze me that all of this grows, year after year. It is with such a sense of joy that I can say "I didn't kill it!". Sadly, I am unable to say the same about our "grass".

Today I have to take 2 boys to Target and try to get out of there with just a birthday gift for a little girl. And no, Eric, I don't think she likes Venom. Then tomorrow we get to attend said party at Chuck E Cheese. Kill me now.

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