Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our 15 Minutes of Fame

Last Saturday Mike's sister Tiffany invited us to be their special guests at the Mariner's game because Marcus was to sing the National Anthem again. So we ran the kids over to Walter and Shirley's as fast as we could and high-tailed it to downtown Seattle.

As special guests of Anthem Guy, we were allowed entrance in the hoity-toity door, where all of the people inside just looked like money. The hair, the make up--even in jeans and sweatshirts the women just exuded money. And this is how we looked.

The Press Room
Mike trying to answer
the questions from the "press"

We hung around this special elite lobby for a while, scarfing down kettle korn becasue we were so hungry. And of course we left a trail of kettle korn all over the floor. No one else was eating, so maybe that just "isn't done", but we were seriously faint with hunger. I know they whipped out a vacuum to clean up after the riff-raff as soon as we left.

We were then escorted to the Press Room. THE PRESS ROOM. Apparently Marcus usually goes into the Green Room, but that was occupied by Kevin Durant from the Sonics and he does not share his space. So the 5 of us had the run of the Press Room (a very funny opera friend was with us). We all just sat there for a couple of minutes saying "we are in the Mariner's Press Room. THE Press Room...." And then we all took turns sitting at the mic answering smart ass questions from each other. Mike was both Lou Pinella and John McLaren. But he didn't throw anything. Just swore a little when I asked the all important and pressing question "...and when do you think you'll be buying your wife some new clothes", just as a family with a couple of little boys entered the room. So we left and went out onto the field.

Before the anthem
Yep, that's us, ON THE FIELD, at Safeco Field,
just before Marcus sang. Everytime we
took a step a member of the grounds
crew would rake over our footprints.
It is apparently someone's full time
job to make sure there are absolutely
no footprints anywhere on the field. At all.

Yep, that's right, we went out on the field. We stood right next to the visitor's dugout, saw New York Vinnie walk by, and had our picture taken with the Mariner Moose. Mike, Tiffany, and I then got to remain on the field while Marcus sang, and then we all went to our seats.

Our padded seats. In row 3. Behind Jay Buehner's family. Next to the Mariner's dugout where Arthur Rhoades tossed baseballs to the fans between innings. Where the attendant met me on the stairs and helped me to my seat because my beer was spilling all over my fish and chips. Those seats. The last time I had seats even remotely close to those was a Spring Training in 1998. And I'm sure I'll never see them again. We did have such a great time!

In other news, I am delighted to report that Alice has received a stay of execution. The traveling vet had recommended a litter box upstairs, which we did, and for the first couple of weeks Alice was completely blind to its existence despite my repeated attempt to show it to her. And then suddenly, she is using it. She is using it every day and has not had an accident anywhere for a week. Mike and I have been gushing over her, telling her how proud we are of her, and I am horrified at how close I came to poisoning her food. But that is how desperate I was. We are still protecting our bed and keeping the boys' bedroom doors closed, but our long national nightmare appears to be over. For now.

The knitting front: Hats for the swimming instructor. Check. Peter's sweater. Check. Trip to Venue to drop off 3 more hats (via Mike). Check. Australian Faye's elephant--on the needles. Inventory for Audrey's show--I'm working on it, but every time I complete something for it, it sells. I know, I know--it's a good problem to have. But I truly am in a panic over having enough for her show. I'm close to being done with an absolutely darling snowman hat, but my sister called yesterday and asked if I have anything seasonal for a newborn baby. You mean like a 3/4 finished snowman hat? Yep, that would be perfect. And she needs it by Tuesday. And I've convinced Mike to let me buy the Viking Hat. I may have to hide it from myself when it arrives to prevent abandonment of all current projects. Perhaps I could just toss it into one of the boys' rooms. Or in the vicinity of my husbands "important papers". Or in the playroom. Then it would be lost forever.

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